Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 2

What are Oberon and Titania fighting about? an Indian boy
What kind of mischief does the fairy claim claim Robin Goodfellow has caused? women to spill ale, horses to wander, and people to topple
What sorts of tasks does Puck perform for the King? tricks citizens and animals
Where does Titania say that Oberon has been? with another woman
How does Titania tease Oberon about being in love with? Hippolyta
Who does Oberon say Titania is in love with? Thesues
Who are Oberon and Titania fighting over? An Indian boy
What is the story behind the flower that Oberon asks Puck to fetch him? the flower was accidentally hit by Cupid’s arrow. the flower now has powers.
What does Oberon intend to do with the arrow? He will put it over Titania’s eyes.
What does Oberon overhear in the woods? Helena and Demetrius
Hoes does Demetrius treat Helena? like dirt
How does Helena respond to Demetrius’s treatment of her? She says she doesn’t care how he treats her. She will follow him anyway.
What does Oberon tell Puck to do with the potion? put potion on Demetrius
What does Oberon do to Titania as she lies sleeping? puts potion on her eyes
What happens to Hermia and Lysander in the woods? they get lost
What do Hermia and Lysander decide to do when they are lost in the woods? sleep in the woods
What does Hermia insist upon when she and Lysander decide to sleep in the woods? that they sleep apart.
What does Puck assume about Hermia and Lysander? they are fighting
What does Puck do when he thinks Hermia and Lysander are fighting? puts the potion on Lysander
What happens when Helena come across Lysander? she wakes him
What does Helena think of Lysander’s behavior? she thinks he is mocking her
What does Lysander swear as he runs after Helena? he swears loyalty to her
Describe Hermia’s dream serpent ate her heart
Why is her dream important? it foreshadows the future