Midsummer Night’s Dream

Egeus -father of Hermia-didn’t want Hermia to marry Lysander-gave her three options: nun, die, marry Demetrius-wanted her to marry Demetrius
Lysander -in love with Hermia at beginning-persuades Hermia to run away into the woods and get married-by love potion fell in love w/ Helena-spell was reversed and ended up marrying Hermia
Theseus -duke of Athens-from beginning had 4 days until his marriage with Hippolyta-wooed Hippolyta in battle-hero
Hippolyta -Queen of Amazons-had 4 days until marriage with Theseus-lost to Theseus in battle
Oberon -king of the fairies-jealous of the Indian changeling Titania has-both Oberon and Titania fought often and a lot-anoints Titania’s eyes so that he can get the changeling
Titania -queen of the fairies-has an Indian changeling-loved Bottom (because of spell) when he was a donkey-gave up child when under spell
Helena -loved Demetrius but Demetrius didn’t love her back-Demetrius and Helena used to date -both Demetrius and Lysander loved her at the same time and thought it was a joke-marries Demetrius
Puck -trickster-helps Oberon on all of his problems-scares ladies and messes with people-puts love spell on various characters in the play
Hermia -in love w/ Lysander-Demetrius loved her at the beginning-father would not allow her to marry Lysander-ran into the woods to get married-best friends with Helena
Quince -carpenter-Thisbe’s father
Pyramus -played by Bottom-loves Theseus but is not able to marry her-kills himself
Demetrius -loves Hermia at first-Helena is madly in love with him-under spell falls in love with Helena
Bottom -weaver-plays Pyramus-conceded-turned into a donkey and Titania loved him
Thisbe -played by Flute-loves Pyramus-thought to be dead-kills herself because Pyramus is dead
Snug -joiner-lion
Act I major events -Egeus didn’t want Hermia to marry Lysander gave her three options (death, nun, marry Demetrius)-Lysander and Hermia made a plan to go outside of Athens and get married-Demetrius used to date Helena (left Helena for Hermia)-actors are rehearsing for Pyramus and Thisbe
Act II major events -Titania took the changeling (Indian)-Oberon wants Indian child-Titania said she didn’t take him but was given him because she was friends with his mom-Helena loves Demetrius even though Demetrius hates her and would be willing to kill her-Oberon puts love potion in Titania’s eyes/ Puck puts it in Lysander’s eyes on accident meaning to put it in Demetrius’s-Lysander then loves Helena-Helena thinks he’s making fun of her
Act III major events -actors talk about the prologue (want it to talk about the suicide, actors, and how the lion isn’t real, and also want to add a wall and a moon)-Puck changes Bottom into a donkey-Titania loves a donkey-Demetrius wakes up in love with Helena-Helena thinks everyone is making fun of her-Demetrius and Lysander fight-Puck makes the scene foggy, and insults the boys in each boys voice and leads them to sleep
Act IV major events -Titania gave Oberon the stolen child-reversed spell for Titania-when Bottom woke up it was a dream (didn’t know he was a donkey)-Demetrius and Lysander tell Egeus that they are friends now and who they love -the 4 lovers getting married w/ Theseus-Bottom wants to make his own play-actors are looking for Bottom because the play is about to start
Act V major events -wedding happened-need entertainment-Theseus picks Pyramus and Thisbe-prologue gives away the whole story-awful acting-actors wanted to do an encore they said no-the viewers are making fun of them-fairies bless the wedding and future children-Puck says that if this offended you in any way, it is just a dream
Changeling boy -Indian boy is someone that Titania had stolen-Oberon wanted the child cause Titania had it-Oberon was planning to put Titania under a love spell and get the child while she’s head over heels in love-Oberon gets the child and reverses the spell
Prologue -actors wanted to add that into the play-didn’t want viewers to be scared (didn’t want to be executed by the city leaders)-wanted to say that the lion wasn’t real-told the whole plot and gave away ending-also added a wall and a moon
Bottom and Titania -Titania was put under a spell that the next person she saw she’d fall in love with-she saw Bottom (as a donkey) first-Bottom looked more like a donkey-was going to make Bottom immortal until spell was reversed-both woke up thinking it was a dream
Bottom’s transformation -Puck changed Bottom into a donkey as a joke-actors became scared and ran away-Bottom thought the actors were joking w/ him-Bottom doesn’t know what he looks like-Bottom wakes up thinking it was a dream-wants Quince to write a ballad over it
Demetrius and Lysander’s feud over Helena -Helena loved Demetrius-Lysander was accidently given love potion and woke up loving Helena-Puck realized he messed up and anointed Demetrius-both of the boys fell in love with Helena-were going to fight in the woods-Puck fogs up the woods and throws insults in each others voices
Helena and Hermia’s fight -Demetrius loving Hermia, made Helena jealous of Hermia-Lysander loving Hermia, made Hermia made-Helena (thinking this is a joke) yelled at Hermia saying why did she treat the friendship so lightly-Hermia thinks she used her height to lure Lysander
Hermia’s dream -Hermia dreamt of a snake on her that was trying to kill her -she was calling for Lysander’s help and Lysander didn’t help or care-when she woke up Lysander was gone
Pyramus and Thisbe -lived next to each other and talked through a wall-parents forbid their love-run away to be with each other in the Tomb of Ninus-Thisbe gets scared off by a lion and runs away (leaving her bloody veil)-Pyramus thinks she died so he kills himself, she kills herself after seeing Pyramus dead