Midsummer nights dream

Why has thesus ordered a revel He is getting married; prove love to her
What does Theseus promise Hipployta A huge party to proclaim love in a grand way; huge public festival
Why does Egeus bring Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius to Theseus Upset with Hermia; wants her to marry Demetrius
Why does Theseus tell Hermia to come to terms with her father’s choice of husband Nun or die
What is Hermias decision To be a nun right off the bat; rather wither away
Why does Theseus lead Egeus and Demetrius away? Needed everyone to get off stage
What is lysanders plan Flee to aunts outside of Athens and get married
Why does Helena want to be like Hermia So Demetrius would be in love with her
Why do Hermia and Lysander tell Helena the plan To give Helena a little bit of hope with Demetrius
What does Helena intend to do with this information She tells Demetrius
Why do the craftsmen meet To assign/discuss roles of play at dukes wedding
Why is quince the one assigning the roles He wrote the play
What is bottoms reaction to his assigned role He feels like he will be the best actor and when he cries everyone will cry
What is flutes misgiving about his assignment He doesn’t want to be a women because he has a beard
Why does bottom want to play flutes role He wants to wear a mask and use a high pitched voice and he will do a great job
What is snug’s worry If he is able to memorize his lines
Why does bottom want to play snug’s role He wants to roar and it’ll be so good the duke will stand up and asked him to roar again
What do quince and bottom caution about the role of the lion Can’t roar too loud or else it’ll scare the women and they will be killed
Why does quince insist bottom play Pyramus He is handsome and best looking so he can only play Pyramus
Where are the men to meet next The Dukes oak in the woods
How did puck earn his reputation He pulled pranks on people
Why is Oberon angry with Titania Titania has little Indian boy and won’t give him up
What is her argument with him She can’t do the fairy dance to control the wind and now the seasons are messed up
What is it Oberon sends puck to find Love in idleness flower
How does Oberon intend to punish his wife He will put the flower in her eyes and have her fall in love with a hideous creature
Why does Helena pursue Demetrius She’s in love with him
Why does Demetrius want Helena to leave him alone Demetrius doesn’t love her in any way, shape or for,
How is that Oberon is able to overhear them He made himself invisible
What does Oberon decide when puck returns Make Demetrius fall in love with Helena
How does Oberon instruct puck to recognize Demetrius Athenian clothes
What is it Oberon hopes Titania sees immediately upon wakening An ugly creature
Why does Lysander want to rest It was dark out and he couldn’t find his way around so it would be better to wait
Why does Hermia ask him to move further away to sleep Not supposed to sleep next to each other until marriage
Why does robin goodfellow anoint lysanders eye He mistakes him for Demetrius
What does robin goodfellow think Hermia’s reason is for sleeping so far removed from Lysander They are not together or in love
Why does Helena stop chasing Demetrius She is out of breath
Why does Demetrius leave Helena alone in the wods He is trying to get away from her
Why does Lysander profess his love for Helena He was given the love in idleness nectar
What is helenas reaction to lysander protestations of love She is mad and feels link it is a joke
Why does Hermia awake She had a nightmare a snake ate her heart
Why does quince feel their rehearsal spot is ideal The flat area is a stage and the bushes will be their changing room
Why does bottom feel they need two prologues to the play We are just actors and this isn’t real; lion isn’t real
How do they solve the problems of representing the moonlight and the wall in their play People will play moonlight and wall
Why is bottom alone when luck changes his head to that of an ass Wanted everyone off stage; adds element of surprise and comedy
How is it that bottom is alone when Titania awakes All of them are afriad
Why hasn’t bottom followed his friends from the woods Thinks they are playing a trick on him
Why does Titania awake Bottom is singing
What does Titania offer bottom Immorality
What is his reaction to this offer Doesn’t acknowledge it
What part are the caries to play in this Bottoms servants
What is it puck reports to Oberon Titania fell in love with puck
Why is Hermia following Demetrius She wants to know where Lysander is; if he killed him
Why is it Oberon realizes when he sees them together Puck put the nectar in the wrong person
How is this mistake to be rectified Puck gets Helena and anoints Demetrius’s eyes
Why won’t Helena accept lysanders advances Believes he is mocking her
Why does she doubt the veracity of Demetrius protestations on love He said he hated her with a passion now he is madly in love with her
Why do Hermia and Helena argue Convinced hermia is in on the joke
Why do each of the young people leave To fight; Hermia is needed off; Helena to get away from Hermia;
How does puck manage to make Lysander and Demetrius sleep He Tuckers them out; impersonated voices and makes them chase
Why do Helena and Hermia fall asleep Exhausted