Merchant of Venice test

Antonio a merchant of venice
Gratiano Nerissa’s husband
Bassanio young gentleman who wins Portia’s hand
Portia rich heiress of Belmont
Nerissa Portia’s maid
Shylock Jewish money lender
Jessica Shylock’s daughter
Launcelot Gobbo servant of Shylock, then Antonio
Lorenzo Christian gentleman who elopes with Jewish girl
Prince of Morocco unsuccessful suitor to Portia
What casket did the Prince of Morrocco choose? Gold
What casket did the Pronce of Aragon choose? Silver
True or FalseAntonio was well liked and respected in Venice True
True or FalseShylock hated Antonio because Antion treated him so badly on the Rialto True
True or FalseAntonio hated Shylock because Shylock lended out money without interest False
True or False It deeply grieved Jessica to hurt her fatehr by eloping with a Christian False
True or FalseThe money Jessica took when she eloped was money set aside as her dowry False
True or FalsePortia despises the terms of her father’s will, but she remains obediant to his wishes True
True or FalseAll of Antonio’s ships were reported sacked by pirates False
True or FalseShylock refuses all offers of money and demands the court award him the terms of the bond True
True or FalseShylock brought scales and a surgeon with him to court False
True or FalseThe court decreed that Shylock must foreit half his wealth to the state and half to Antonio for his use True
Where does the opening scene take place? Venice
Where is Antonio’s money tied up? commercial ventures at sea
What is Portia’s attitude toward her mate being chosen by the outcome of the lottery? Resentment
Why did Shylock hate Antonio most? he is a christian
Who does Jessica plan to elope with? Lorenzo
What does Jessica take with her when she elopes? Her fathers ducats and jewels
The Prince of Aragon is… greedy
What is the only way that Bassanio pledges he will part with the ring? death
What is the only thing that Shylock values more that money? revenge on Antonio
Why does Portia tell Lorenzo to manage her home? So she can… meditate
What does the Duke appeal to with Shylock in the opening of the trial? sense of mercy
Who does Portia come to to court in place of? Doctor Bellario
What does the young lawyer ask Bassanio for? his ring
Act V closes the play witgh a note of… Harmony
Whose philosophy is “Justice should be tempered with mercy?” Portia
Whose philosophy is “Power and courage should bring a man rewards?” Prince of Morocco
Whose philosophy is “A man should accept whatever role fate assigns him to play?” Antonio
Whose philosophy is “Repay evil with evil?” Shylock
Whose philosophy is “One should not be led astray by outward show?” Bassanio