Merchant of Venice Scene tests

Act 1 Scene 1 – Walking along a street, antonio is troubled, doesn’t know why, and his friends try to raise his spirits. – Bassanio explains his problems regarding Portia. – Antonio agrees to borrow money in order to help his friend. (V)
Act 1 Scene 2 – portia lists her suitors, and makes fun of them. – The will of her father is explained. – Portia hears of the arrival of the prince of morocco. (B)
Act 1 Scene 3 – Antonio and Bassanio visit Shylock, the jewish moneylender, so that Antonio can borrow money. – Shylock agrees to lend 3,000 ducats for 3 months, on the condition of a pound of Antonio’s flesh.(V)
Act 2 Scene 1 – Portia and Morocco meet – The price for choosing the wrong casket is revealed: no marriage after (B)
Act 2 Scene 2- – Launcelot struggles to decide whether he should leave Shylock, who he descibes as some sort of “devil” – Launcelot, amuses the audience at the expense of his blind father, by playing a trick of directions on him. – Bassanio comes in, and Old gobbo and Launcelot plead with Bassanio to accept him, which he does. – gratiano arrives, and begs to come on trip to Bel, and that he will act properly.
Act 2 Scene 3 – Jessica is unhappy, and bids farewell to Launcelot by giving him a message/ letter to give to Bassanio’s friend Lorenzo. – The plot of marrying Lorenzo, leaving Shylock and becoming a Christian becomes much more apparent.
Act 2 Scene 4 – The lads (G S S L)are preparing to attend masque, when Lorenzo receives the letter from Jessica – he is intrigued and ready.
Act 2 Scene 5 – Shylock, who reluctantly goes to the masque after having been invited, tells Launcelot that he is free to go into Bassanio’s service. – Jessica tells the audience that she is about to disown her father
Act 2 Scene 6 – Jessica runs away from her father and is taken By L, SA and G – The wind changes for belmont.
Act 2 Scene 7 – Morocco has to choose between caskets of gold, silver and lead. – portia is anxious about his decision. – morocco chooses the wrong casket: Gold, which holds only a “carrion death”
Act 2 Scene 8 – Salerio and Solanio discuss the events of Shylock search for Jessica. – They reveal the fact that one of Antonio’s ships might be lost.
Act 2 Scene 9 – Prince of Arragon arrives at Belmont, and chooses wrongly the silver casket. – As he leaves, a messenger arrives describing the arrival of a lord from venice and his companion – described as “ambassador of love” – Portia hopes it is Bassanio, but this is not revealed, thus developing dramatic tension.
Act 3 Scene 1 – Salerio and Solanio discuss the possibility of Antonio losing a ship. – Shylock enters and confronts the men about their knowledge of Jessica’s flight. They respond by saying that he should have known that a bird would leave its nests. Shylock vows, having heard of Antonio’s lost ship to seek revenge on Antonio. Recounts all of the insults and “hath not a jew eyes” – Tubal, his friend, comes, after the two S’s are called away by the requirement of Antonio, and speaks of the reckless nature of Jessica: 80 ducats in one evening and exchanging the sentimental ring for a monkey. Shylock cares for more for wealth.
Act 3 Scene 2 – Portia asks Bassanio to wait for a few days, to enjoy him before he takes the test. – Bassanio wishes to do it immediately, and succeeds by discarding false appearances and choosing the lead. Portia and Bassanio fall more in love, and agree to marry. So do gratiano and nerissa. – A messenger along with Salerio, jessica, Lorenzo arrive and speak of Antonio’s losses at sea. Portia offers to give far more than the bond is worth and asks Bassanio to take to venice.
Act 3 Scene 3 – Shylock instructs a jailor to arrest Antonio. – A tries to negotiate with him, by saying that Shylock has let people go before, but excludes information about his atrocities towards Shylock. – Even the Duke of Venice cannot break the terms of the bond. VENICE’s reputation would be ruined.
Act 3 Scene 4 – Portia sends to her cousin, Doctor Bellario, who is a lawyer, for help. – The wives dress up as men and go to venice, and in doing so give accounts of typical behaviour of young men and make sexually explicit jokes.
Act 3 Scene 5 – Jessica, warned of her fate of being the daughter of Jew, informs the audience that Lorenzo has made her a Christian. – Lorenzo makes claim about the admiration that he deserves and its equivalence to Portia, although this might be a joke. – Scene is another form of using comedy to lighten the mood, and in practical terms is in place to allow Portia to change into another costume.
Act 4 Scene 1 – Shylock insists on having his bond. Bssanio offers him 2x the money owed, and rejects that by rejecting 6x. – Portia and Nerissa arrive, dressed as men. Nerissa as clerk, excusing the Doctor’s absence, and introducing his trainee, Doctor Balthazar, Portia. Shylock rejects sugestion of surgeon. She offers Shylock 3x the bond, but Shylock wants law upheld. Portia allows the law, and is praised as being as wise as Daniel. Antonio prepares to die, and BAssanio, recently engaged states he would gladly give himself and his wife up. Gratiano says the same. – Shylock is outwitted. No blood can be shed, and neither an quarter more or less than one exact pound is allowed – Shylock is punished. `shylock can have only his bond, and not the multiplied money offered before. By attempting to kill a Christian, Shylock has broken the laws of Venice. Under these laws, victim is due half of Shylock’s wealth, and the state of venice the other half. In addition, Shylock’s wealth is in the hands of the duke. – Shylock is forced to convert to Christianity by Antonio, and to make J and L, who have been given half of his fortune by Antonio, beneficiaries of his will.
Act 4 Scene 2 Portia and Nerissa (who has been sent to collect SHylock’s signature of a will) play a trick on G and B, asking them to part with their promised rings (BAssanio already has – G is in the process of parting with them)The men resist, but P and N take the rings (their sexuality) with them.
Act 5 scene 1 – Portia arrives before G and B, is welcomed by l and J by nice music and pretends that she has not left Belmont. She makes fun of G giving his ring away, and states that B would never give his away, which of course he has. – The husbands are forced to admit they gave their rings away. – Portia and Nerissa exploit the situation when P and N says she will never sleep with B or G until they have seen the rings. – Portia produces the ring, and states that she obtained it from sleeping with the doctor. They then explain it by showing a letter from Doctor Bellario and a letter saying that Antonio’s ships are in order and are not in fact destroyed. – All ends happily, unless you are shylock.