Merchant of Venice Master Quiz B)

Why does Shakespeare create a Jewish character who references a story from The Bible? He wants the audience to see that Shylock is smart and wily
Why does the Duke refuse to help Antonio out? He doesn’t want to hurt the Venetian economy by discouraging business
Why does Morocco think Portia will not like him? He has a dark complexion
What is a fundamental difference between the two settings? Love is valued in Belmont, but money has value in Venice
Act III, scene v starts out with a discussion between Lancelet and Jessica. What does Lancelet accuse her of? Raising the price of pork
Antonio and Shylock are both left by close friends, but what difference should the audience notice? Shylock is concerned with losing money, but Antonio is selfless and giving.
What motive to Jessica and Lancelet share when they run away from Shylock? They both want to avoid contact with the Jew because they want to be liked
Who says these lines: “Thou call’dst me dog before thou hadst a cause/But since I am a dog, beware my fangs”? Shylock
Solanio states, “I think he only loves the world for him,” . Which of the following best summarizes the relationship? Antonio loves Bassanio so much, he would risk his life for him.
Balthazar is introduced through Dr. Bellario’s letter upon entering the courtroom. How does this contribute to the theme that things aren’t always what they seem? Portia is disguised as Balthazar.
Who is being talked about in these lines: “I oft delivered from his forfeitures/Many that have at times made moan to me./Therefore he hates me.”? Shylock
Which of the following best paraphrases “All that glisters is not gold–“? Appearances can be deceiving.
What should the audience infer when Lancelet is grappling between “the fiend” and his “conscience”? He knows that it’s morally uncool for him to leave Shylock.
Who is ostracized because of his religion? Shylock
What should the audience infer when they learn about Jessica’s trading the ring for a monkey? Shylock cares about personal relationships.
What does the lead casket symbolize? Bassiano is willing to risk it all for Portia.
Shylock says, “I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes?” What theme is revealed in his speech? The treatment of the religions is hypocritical.
Shylock says he can’t find the fact that he needs a surgeon in the bond. How does this come back to haunt him? Portia reads the bond literally, so Shylock has no right to Antonio’s blood.
When he’s negotiating the terms of the loan, Antonio says, “Hie thee, gentle Jew./The Hebrew will turn Christian; he grows kind.” What does this foreshadow? Shylock will convert to Christianity.
Who says these lines: “I oft delivered from his forfeitures/Many that have at times made moan to me./Therefore he hates me.”? Antonio
Before Jessica runs away, she says, “Farewell, and if my fortune be not crossed/I have a father, and you a daughter, lost.” What literary device is this? Foreshadowing
Portia says that doing the right thing is easier said than done. What plot event matches this theme? Bassanio allows Antonio to agree to the bond even though he is concerned about the conditions.
Both Antonio and Portia are sad when the story starts. What else do they have in common? They are both loyal to people who frustrate them.
What do the Duke and Portia try to teach Shylock? We should show each other mercy since we are all flawed.
Why can’t Portia choose her own husband? Her father’s dying wish was for the casket jawn to happen
Why does Shylock cite The Bible to justify charging an interest on his loans? He wants to persuade Antonio to agree to pay the interest.
What happens when someone chooses the wrong casket? 1. He must leave immediately 2. He is never allowed to ask a woman to marry him 3. He must never tell anyone which casket he chose
When speaking about Gratanio, Bassanio says, “His reasons are as/two grains of wheat….you/shall seek all day were you find them…”. What’s the best paraphrase of this? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack when Gratanio talks.
What is the main purpose of Solanio and Salarino? Narrate what happens off stage
Who is Antonio? The Merchant of Venice; he is wealthy but has his money tied up in ships
Why is Antonio sad? 1) all of his money is tied up in his ships, which are at sea 2) he isn’t in love and Bassanio is marrying Portia
Describe Gratiano: a fun-loving guy
Why doesn’t Bassanio have much money? He spends it foolishly
What does Bassanio ask Antonio for? money
How does Portia feel about being bound by the terms of her father’s will? She is sad and angry because she wants to be able to choose her own husband
Explain the lottery of the caskets: 3 caskets, one w/ a portrait of Portia inside, whoever chooses correctly gets to marry Portia
How many suitors does Portia have? (not including Bassanio) 8
Who are Portia’s suitors? (1) Neopolitan prince (2) County Palatine (3) French Lord, Monsieur Le Bon (4) English baron, Falconbridge (5) Scottish Lord (6) Nephew of the Duke of Saxony, German (7) Prince of Morocco (8) Prince Arragon
Portia’s opinion of the Neopolitan prince: he talks about his horse too much and his mother had an affair with a blacksmith
Portia’s opinion of the County Palatine: only frowns
Portia’s opinion on the French Lord, Monsieur Le Bon: he is better than the Prince and Palatine
*****Portia’s opinion on the English baron, Falconbridge: idk??
Portia’s opinion on the Scottish Lord: he lets the English control him
Portia’s opinion on the Nephew of the Duke of Saxony, the German: always drunk
What suitor comes to visit Portia at the end of Act I, Scene II? the Prince of Morocco
Why does Shylock hate Antonio so much? he has been prosecuted by Christians like Antonio
Antonio and Shylock’s deal the Merry Bond
What are the terms of the “Merry Bond”? Antonio has 3 months to pay Shylock back or Shylock gets a pound of flesh
Who was Lancelet originally a servant to? Shylock
Who does Lancelet become the servant of? Bassanio
What are Gratiano, Salarino, Salanio, and Lorenzo planning? a masque
What does Lancelet give to Lorenzo? Jessica’s letter
Who is Jessica’s father? Shylock
What is Jessica’s plan? She robs her dad Shylock, disguises as a page, and elopes with Lorenzo
Why does Antonio announce that there will be no masque that night? Bassanio is going to Belmont
Which casket does the Prince of Morocco choose? the Gold Casket
Why does the Prince of Morocco choose the casket that he chooses? Jewels are set in gold, and Portia is a jewel
What is in the Gold Casket? a skull
What is the symbolism behind the object in the gold casket? Death to selfishness, looks are deceiving, human desire can be dangerous
What was Shylock upset about? He lost his daughter and his money
What vital news do we learn from Salarino in Act II? a ship crashed in the English channel
Why doesn’t the suitor in Act II choose gold or lead? Gold = he is not like other men ; Lead = dull and cheap
What suitor is announced at the end of Act II? Bassanio, announced as someone from Venice
What does Shylock remind the audience of in his speech “I am a Jew…”? That no matter if you’re a Jew or a Christian, we are all humans anyway
What does Portia give Bassanio? a ring
Who will be involved in the double wedding? Gratiano + Nerissa, Portia + Bassanio
What appeal does the Duke of Venice make to Shylock as the trial opens? that Shylock is trying to commit an act of malice
How does Shylock respond to the Duke of Venice’s appeal? he says he doesn’t have to give a reason for why he wants flesh as interest
How does Antonio respond in Act IV, Scene I? he tells Bassanio he would die for his debt
Who do the men in the courtroom think Portia is? Balthazar the lawyer
Portia appeals to Shylock’s sense of what? mercy
What does Shylock have to give up? his religion
As Dr. Balthazar, what does Portia want from Bassanio instead of money? the ring
Where does Bassanio meet Portia? Belmont
How does Gratiano fall in love with Nerissa? he follows Bassanio to Belmont
For what does Jessica trade Shylock’s ring? a monkey
Which casket does Bassanio choose? the Lead Casket
What does Bassanio find in the lead casket? a portrait of Portia, signifying that he chose correctly
Who does Bassanio ask for a loan? Antonio
Who is Gratiano in love with? Nerissa
Who is Nerissa? Portia’s servant
Who is Jessica? Shylock’s daughter
Who does Antonio ask for a loan? Shylock
How does Jessica disguise herself from Shylock? She dresses as a boy
Which casket does Prince Arragon choose? the silver casket
Who did Portia disguise as in Act IV? Balthazar