Merchant of Venice Characters

Portia A courageous, young, wealthy, and charming heiress. She does not want to obey her dead father’s commands.
Antonio A wealthy and generous merchant. He is good friends with Bassanio, and agrees to get a loan for him.
Bassanio A broke young man, who must borrow money from a good friend to go and claim his love, a young heiress of Belmont…
Shylock A rich moneylender, and a Jew. Lends money to Antonio free of interest, but with and outrageous bond off a pound of Antonio’s flesh. He is greedy and merciless
Gratiano A troublemaking friend of Bassanio, who comes with him on his adventure to eventually marry Portia’s maid.
Nerissa Portia’s lady in waiting and dear friend, marries Gratiano, Bassanio’s friend.
Lancelot The clown, who was originally Shylock’s servant, but later Bassanio’s.
Jessica Shylock’s daughter, who hates her father. She elopes with Lorenzo, a Christian on the night of Bassanio’s departure.
Lorenzo A friend of Bassanio, who is in love with Shylock’s daughter. He helps her to escape from her house. He is to inherit Shylock’s fortune.
Solanio, Salerio, Town gossips and friends of Antonio and Bassanio.