Merchant of Venice Acts 2 & 3 Evan-Dean Howes

fiend evil spirit or demon; wicked person
allay to lessen or relieve fear or doubt
sober to be quiet or calm in manner
demurely demurely shy,modest, and reserved in manner
entreat to beg or implore
tediousness long and tiresome
heinous very bad; evil; wicked
masque a masked ball; a costume party
peruse read trough throughly
foppery a man who is escessively concerned with fashion and his appearance
wont accustomed or used to doing something
glisters sparkles; glitters
amity a peaceful relationship; a friendship
dulcet pleasant to the eye, taste, or feeling
bereft deprived of something
infidel an unbeliever, one who does not accept a particular faith
confound to cause or become confused or perplexed
gratis without charge; free