Merchant of Venice Act III

What bad news does Salario bring? He tells Solanio that Antonio’s ship may have wrecked
How does Shylock react to his daughter’s departure? He feels she has turned against him by running away
What does Shylock mean by, “Let him look to his bond?” Let Bassanio think about the debt he owes to Shylock
Why does Shylock ask, “Hath not a Jews eyes?” Doesn’t a Jew have eyes just like a Christian
What has Tubal been doing? Looking for Shylock’s daughter
What has Jessica stolen from her father? a diamond and a turquoise ring
For what purpose does Shylock arrange to meet Tubal at the synagogue? So they can arrest Antonio
Why does Portia suggest that Bassanio wait a day or two before choosing among the caskets? So that she can spend a few days with him in case he picks the wrong casket
Why does Portia give the order for music to be played? So if he chooses wrong it will be his swan song, but if he chooses right, it will be beautiful music like at a wedding
Briefly, what is the song about? Where do desires start, in the heart or head, or eyes
Why doesn’t Bassanio choose the gold casket? He thinks the beautiful casket is meant to trick you into picking it because it is so beautiful
Why does Bassanio choose the lead casket and what does he find inside? Because it is ordinary and looks like it couldn’t give you anything good. He finds a picture of Portia and a scroll that says he won and claim her with a kiss
According to Portia, what will happen if he loses the ring? Their love will be destroyed and she will be very angry with him
Why was Gratiano so eager for Bassanio to pick the right casket? Because he is in love with Nerissa. She told him she would marry him if Bassanio picked the right casket and married Portia
When Lorenzo shows up with Jessica, what does Gratiano call her? A stranger
What is in the letter Salario brings Bassanio? That none of Antonio’s ships made it
How does Portia react to the news about Antonio’s loss? She is saddened, she feels that Bassanio’s burdens are also hers and that she will pay the debt
What does Jessica tell the others about her father? That he would rather have Antonio’s flesh than twenty times the amount of money he owed him
Why does Portia tell Bassanio to be gone? So that he can go and make arrangements for them to get married and then he can go to pay Antonio’s debt
According to Antonio, why does Shylock refuse to show him mercy? Because he wants him dead. He has loaned people money to pay back loans to Shylock that they could not
Why doesn’t Antonio think the Duke will be able to help him? He is a man of the law. The government cannot change the law
Why is Portia sure that Antonio is worth helping? Because he is a friend of Bassanio’s and if they are friends then they must be alike
What does Portia want Lorenzo to do while she is gone? To manage her house
What does Portia tell Lorenzo she and Nerissa will be doing? They will be at a monastery, praying and thinking
Who is Doctor Bellario? Portia’s cousin and a doctor of the law
What instructions does Portia give to Balthasar? To give him a letter and bring back whatever he gives him
What does Portia tell Nerissa about her plan? They will be disguised as men and act like teenagers who brag and tell lies
Why does Launcelot think that Jessica is doomed? She is doomed because children are punished for the sins of their fathers
How does Jessica think her husband will “save” her? He will save her because he made her a Christian
What rumor do Salarino and Solanio discuss and then seek to have confirmed by Shylock? Antonio’s lost ships
Tubal reports Jessica has stolen a ring of Shylock’s. What does she trade the ring for? A monkey
What cheers up Shylock after hearing of his daughter’s theft? Antonio’s financial ruin
In Acy III, Scene ii, Portia compares Bassanio to which figure? Hercules
What piece of bad news interrupts the celebrations at Belmont? Antonio’s bankruptcy
What animal does Shylock remember Antonio comparing him to? A dog
Lorenzo and Portia discuss helping Antonio. Why does Portia agree to help? Antonio is Bassanio’s friend
Who does Portia send to Padua to secure clothing and documents for herself and Nerissa? Portia’s servant Balthasar
In Act III, scene v, what does Lorenzo chastise Launcelot for? Impregnating a Moorish servant
Who does Lorenzo favorably compare himself to when speaking to Jessica? Portia