Merchant of Venice Act 3

What devastating news is confirmed at the beginning of this scene? Salarino sadly reports there’s still a rumor out there that one of Antonio’s ships has been wrecked, and he hasn’t been able to find anyone to disprove
What prompts Shylock’s famous “Hath not a Jew eyes,” speech? Antonio
What may be Shakespeare’s intent in giving Shylock this speech? To show the placement and value of Jews in that time
How does Shakespeare immediately temper any sympathy the audience may feel forShylock? Shylock’ case goes to a certain extent. The depth of his hatred diminished by sympathy.
Why does Portia not want Bassanio to rush into making a choice? Portia does not what Bassanio to make the wrong choice
Why does Bassanio choose the lead casket? Bassanio refuses gold because he knows that “all that glisters is not gold.” He also refuses silver, calling it “common drudge ‘tween man and man,” as coins are. He chooses lead because he knows that true worth lies inside, even if the outside doesn’t look like much
What is the significance of the ring Portia gives to Bassanio? What does it foreshadow? Portia gives Bassanio the ring along with her vows and her inheritance. This is a big deal because Bassanio is in great debt to Antonio and is pretty much financially destitute without Portia’s wealth that he acquires through the marriage
How much time has passed since the beginning of the play? How do you know?
What does Shylock mean when he says to Antonio, “Thou call’dst me a dog before though hadst acause; / But, since I am a dog, beware my fangs”? If you call me a dog, then it has a reason and beware of my fangs.
What is the purpose of this very short scene? To foreshadow something.