Merchant Of Venice Act 2

Morocco “mislike me not for my complexion” Morocco expects racism
Morocco “gentle queen” Morocco speaks in the language of love
Portia “I am not solely led by nice direction of a maiden’s eyes” Portia says she doesn’t see the colour of people’s skin
Lancelot “the Jew is the very devil incarnation” Lancelot calls Shylock a devil
Lancelot “new liveries” Lancelot is excited about
Bassanio “give him a livery more guarded than his fellow’s” Bassanio splashes the cash
Jessica “our house is hell” Jessica doesn’t like where she lives
Lancelot “beautiful pagan, most sweet Jew” Lancelot compliments Jessica but uses her religion
Jessica “I am a daughter to his blood I am not to his manners” Jessica is ashamed to be Shylocks daughter
Jessica “I am much ashamed of my exchange” Jessica is embarrassed about being dressed like a man
Jessica “gild myself with some moe ducats” Jessica is greedy and steels from her father
Portia “let all of his complexion chose me so” Portia is a racist
Shylock “my daughter! O my ducats!” Shylock calls for his daughter