Merchant of Venice

Antonio a merchant of Venice in a melancholic mood
Bassanio Antonio’s friend; suitor to Portia; later the husband of Portia
Gratiano friend of Antonio and Bassanio; in love with Nerissa; later the husband of Nerissa
Lorenzo friend of Antonio and Bassanio; in love with Jessica; later the husband of Jessica
Portia a rich heiress; later the wife of Bassanio
Nerissa Portia’s waiting maid – in love with Gratiano; later the wife of Gratiano; disguises herself as Stephano
Balthazar Portia’s servant, who Portia later disguises herself as
Shylock a miserly Jew; moneylender; father of Jessica
Jessica daughter of Shylock, later the wife of Lorenzo
Tubal a Jew; friend of Shylock
Launcelot Gobbo servant of Shylock; later a servant of Bassanio; son of Old Gobbo
Old Gobbo blind father of Launcelot
Leonardo slave to Bassanio
Duke of Venice authority who presides over the case of Shylock’s bond
Prince of Morocco suitor to Portia
Prince of Arragon suitor to Portia
Salarino and Solanio friends of Antonio and Bassanio
Salerio a messenger from Venice
Magnificoes of Venice, officers of the Court of Justice, gaoler, servants to Portia, and other attendants
Bellario Portia’s cousin, a lawyer, lives in Padua, never seen in the play