Merchant of Venice

That he will never talk to a lady again What promises do Portia’s suitors make before they agree to choose a casket
He wants to leave his job as shylocks servant. He says he’s a Jew and has a fear of being like that and often refers to Shylock as being the devil. Shylock also doesn’t feed him At the beginning of scene ii launcelot gives a soliloquy why decision does he struggle with ? What does he say about Shylock ?
They rarely see each other because Gobbo doesn’t even recognize him. Launcelot doesn’t have much respect for him because he keeps teasing him What can you determine about gobbos and lancelots relationship, based on their exchange in scence II ?
Gratianos wants to go to Belmont with Bassanio. Bassanio tells him that he’s to wild, to rude, and to outspoken. Bassanio wants to make himself look presentable . Gratiano insists that he’s going to act like he would with his grandparents. What advice does Bassanio give gratiano towards the end of scence II ? What is gratianos response to this advice ?
She’s ashamed of being his daughter due to his personality What does Jessica ask launcelot to do ? What is she promising Lorenzo?
To rob Shylock by pretending to be Lorenzo’s torch bearer and sneaking into the house What is Lorenzo and Jessica’s plan ?
When Jessica’s says if all goes well tomorrow she will loose a father and he will lose a daughter Towards the end of scence 5 , there is foreshadowing. What are they
To guard the house lock the windows,lock the doors, etc. What instructions does Shylock give Jessica?
He compares it to a banquet and basically says chasing love is better than the catch What does gratiano say about love ?
The wind is good so it is time to sail to Belmont Why is bassanios party canceled ?
He decides that in birth, riches, and talents he’s deserves Portia Why does Morocco believe he deserves Portia?
A deaths head with a scroll that states all that glitters is not good What does the scroll in the gold casket reveal
She hopes that everyone that looks like the prince chooses wrongly What does Portia say at the end of scene VII
He tells him not to rush and stay as long as he needs with Portia and not to worry about his debt with Shylock How does Antonio reassure Bassanio?
No she doesn’t have much of a choice or independence and her word doesn’t matter so she feels worthless Are u surprised that Portia calls herself worthless ?
He told Portia if he is going to pick this she needs to be prettier . Then he says the people who judge by outward appearance are foolish Some of Arragons comments seem to be contradictory point them out