Merchant of Venice

What causes do salerio amd solanio suggest for antonios melancholy? they suggest that he is bc he is in love and his ships might be in danger
what humorous advice does Gratiano offer Antonio told antonio to talk bc he would forget his own voice
why does bassanio want antonio to loan him more money bassanio wants antonio to loan him money bc he wants to go on a journey to belmont to marry portia
why is portia angry with her deceased father portia is angry with her father bc he left a system so the man who chooses the right casket gets to marry her. portia disagrees with this bc she cant chose who she wishes to marry
why does nerrisa tell portia she “need not fear” her unwelcome suitors nerissa tells portia this because if she ignores or doesn’t acknowledge the unwelcome suitors they will leave her alone
what do portia and nerissa think of bassanio portia and nerissa think that he is the most suitable person for portia to marry out of all the others that tried
according to shylock, why does he hate antonio? shylock hates antonio because he spat on him in a previously and ridicules him and the Jews
Why is Shylock Indignant over antonios request? Shylock was indignant became he felt as if he shouldn’t give them what they want bc they treated him poorly
What is antonio’s response to shylocks accusation Antonios response to shocks accusation was shocking bc he should do it as his job not from personal grudges
In exchange for what does Shylock agree to lend Antonio and bassanio the money Shylock agrees to lend him money, but he must give Shylock a pound of flesh in return if the due isn’t paid
Why does Morroco fear Portia will reject him at the outset Morocco thinks he will be rejected by Portia bc of his skin color
What is bassanios reservation about Gratiano accompanying him to Belmont Bassanios reservation was that Gratiano had to act more mature in this voyage
What is Jessica’s dilemma concerning her father Shylock Jessica’s dilemma is that she can’t love a Christian and she is ashamed of him
How does Lorenzo plan to disguise Jessica I’m order to escape from her father Lorenzo plans to disguise Jessica as a boy to espape from her fathers house
Before going to dine with Antonio and bassanio, what advice does Shylock give his daughter Advice that he gives her is to lock all the doors and not to leave the house