Major Characters in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo Tragic hero who is the son of Lord Montague; friend of Mercutio, Benvolio, and Friar Lawrence; secretly marries Juliet; kills Tybalt for killing Mercutio and is banished from Verona; drinks poison believing Juliet is dead
Juliet Tragic heroine who is the daughter of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet; cousin of Tybalt; marries Romeo in secret; Friar Lawrence gives her a potion that fakes her death so that she can run away to Mantua with Romeo; stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger when she sees he’s poisoned himself
Benvolio Cousin of Romeo; peace-loving; tries to break up the fight at the beginning; tries to stop Mercutio from fighting Tybalt; trusted by Prince Escalus; the foil of Tybalt
Mercutio Romeo’s witty friend; likes to joke around; represents realism; doesn’t belong in the play; “fights” Tybalt after Tybalt insults Romeo’s offering of peace; is stabbed by Tybalt when Romeo tries to break up the fight; curses both Montagues and Capulets as he dies; the foil of Romeo
Lord Montague Father of Romeo; uncle of Benvolio; hates Capulet
Lady Montague Mother of Romeo; aunt of Benvolio; has very few lines
Tybalt Nephew of Capulet; cousin of Juliet; easily insulted and hot-tempered; called “The Prince of Cats” by Mercutio and Benvolio because of his aloofness, arrogance and snobbish refinement (sort of like a cat); trained swordsman; knowledgeable in rules of honor and dueling; kills Mercutio and is killed by Romeo
the Nurse Juliet’s nursemaid and closest friend; bawdy and irreverent at times; somewhat batty and uncouth; helps Juliet marry Romeo in secret; advises Juliet to marry Count Paris after Romeo is banished
Lord Capulet Father of Juliet; uncle of Tybalt; hates Montague; cares for his daughter’s well-being until Juliet refuses to marry Count Paris; threatens to disown his daughter if she does not marry Paris
Lady Capulet Mother of Juliet; aunt of Tybalt; loves Tybalt and hates Romeo for killing him; threatens to disown her daughter if she does not marry Paris
Friar Lawrence Catholic priest and close friend of Romeo; acts as Romeo’s advisor; dabbles in herbal medicine; marries Romeo and Juliet in secret in hopes that it will end the feud; concocts the plan for Juliet to fake her death so that Romeo can run away with her to Mantua; mixes the potion that Juliet drinks to fake her death; writes a letter to Romeo of the plan, but the letter never arrives; at the end, explains to the other characters all the secret events that lead to the death of Romeo and Juliet
County Paris Wealthy young noble; related to Prince Escalus; desires to marry Juliet and is given permission by Capulet; a likeable and handsome man; killed by Romeo when he tries to arrest Romeo for breaking into Juliet’s tomb
Prince Escalus Prince of Verona; related to both Mercutio and Count Paris; represents civil justice and righteousness; decrees that any Montague or Capulet caught fighting will be executed; banishes Romeo after Romeo kills Tybalt