Macbeth whole book

What was the prophecy that the witches told Macbeth They told him that he hill be Thane of Cawdor and then King
Macbeth is Thane of GlamisThane of CawdorKing of Scotland
Macduff is Thane of Fife
Duncan is King of Scotland
Malcolm Duncan’s Elder sonPrince of cumberland
Donalbain Duncan’s younger son
Lady Macbeth Macbeths wife and Queen of Scotland
Fleance Banquo’s Son
Siward General of the English forces and king of England
Young Siward Siwards son and prince and England
What are the things on top of the castle Battlements
The three lies Macbeth tells Banquo after the party 1) Hes still friends with him2) He wasn’t thought about the witches 3) He wasn’t expecting Duncan
Why was Macbeth seeing the Dager Because he’s guilt is getting to him
What animal is a sign for death Crow
Color that represent death Black
Why can’t Macbeth sleep or say Amen He’s guilt is over whelming him and he feels like since he killed Duncan he’s no longer with God
Three things Alcohol provokes 1)Sleep2)Painted nose3) Makes you pee
Who finds Duncan dead? Macduff
Where do Kings get buried Colmekill
Where were the Kings were kinged Scone
Why does Macbeth kill the guards Because they killed Duncan
Why did Malcolm and Donalbain flee Because they thought they are next to get killed
Where did Malcolm and Donalbain go? Malcolm – England Donalbain – Ireland
Three questions that Macbeth asked Banquo 1) Where are you going 2) Far you ride3) Fleance with you
Who was absent from the banquet and why Banquo and Macduff. Banquos dead and Macduff is going to see Malcolm
Who was the author of scene 5 Thomas Middleton
What three apparitions did the witches show Macbeth Armed HeadBloody ChildChild Crowned
What will Macbeth do to Macduff and his family He is going to kill his family because he can’t get to him
Why was lady Macduff angry at Macduff Because he left then all alone and unprotected
How does Malcolm test Macduff He questions why he left his family unprotected
What is Malcolm’s plan to kill Macbeth He was going to take his army of 10,000 and go to his castle
What are the 7 deadly sins LustGreedSlothGluttony WrathPride Envy
What was Macduffs bad news and who told him Ross came to tell him that everyone in his castle in dead including his family
Who does Macbeth kill in battle first Macdonwald
Why does lady’s Macbeth tell Macbeth o proper stuff Tells him to grow a set
What is the metaphor for Macbeth His mental state is a metaphor as the country
Elizabethan Universe GodAngelsManAnimals Plants Inorganic MatterChaos
Freytag pyramid Exposition Rising action Climax Falling action Resolution
Who was the Thane of Glamis before Macbeth Macdonwald
Two consecutive line in Shakespeare rhyme is called Rhyming couplet
Soliloquy Long speech that is important to the play
What is the ceremony called when a king gets crowned Coronation
What is the porter scene Comic relief
What does the witches tell Macbeth Armed head – Beware MacduffBloody child – No women born of a women can hurt Macbeth Child crowned – banquos hiers and Birman wood
Innocent flower / serpent Means be the innocent flower but be the serpent
What is the motivations of the two murders Banquo caused they’re life to be so bad
What is the point of scene 6 Lennox was sarcastic about Macbeth and he kill Duncan
Macbeths servant was named and why Satan because it shows how evil Macbeth has come
Who’s at the door knocking in the porter scene Lennox and Macduff
Climax Act 3 scene 4 Banquet scene
Who killed Macbeth Macduff
Who’s king after Macbeth was killed Malcolm