Macbeth Vocabulary (act 1)

minion (n) a servant of a powerful person
deign (v trans) to condescend to accept
thither (adv) toward that place or point
corporal (adj) of the body
thane (n) a person who holds lands of the king
surmise (n) a thought that something is possible
cleave (verb trans.) to adhere or cling to
interim (n) an intervening time
recompense (verb trans.) to repay
wanton (adj) extravagant, luxurious
harbinger (n) a person who goes ahead to makeknown the approach of another
chastise (verb trans.) to criticize severely
metaphysical (adj) imaginary or fanciful
compunctious (adj) causing or feeling regret
beguile (verb trans.) to influence by trickery
sovereign (n) a king or queen
purveyor (n) a person who supplies or provides