Macbeth Vocabulary

Augment Verb; To increase the size or amount of (Something) to add something to (something) in order to imporve or complete it. Synonyms: Amplify, increase, boost Sentence: The bizzare weather and heavy rains augmented the amount of water in the streams.
Balm Noun; an oily substance that has a pleasant smell and that is used for healing, smoothing, or portecting the skin. Something that gives comfort or support Synonyms: Aroma, fragrance Sentence: Her shinning smile became a balm for the tragideis which we faced.
Epicure noun; a person who apprciates fine food and drink. Has sensitive and discriminating tastes, esp., with food and wine (has high standards) Synonyms: gourment, gastronomist Sentence: The King who was an epicure, only ordered the finest wine for his gathering.
Expeditious adjective; acting or done in a quick and efficeint way (done well and fast) Synonyms: prompt, ready, alertSentence: The ready staff of the restraunt delt with bizzare requests expeditiously, as they were quick to provide answers.
Flout verb; to break or ignore ( a law, rule) without hiding what you are doing or showing fear or shame Synonyms: Disrespece, insolence Sentence: Dispite the red stop sign and warning the driver continued to flout the law and drive right by.
Forswear verb; to promise to give up (something) or stop doing (something) esp. a bad habitSynonyms: Repeal, abnegate, recant Sentence: In hopes to create a better self with the start of the new year, she decided to forswear alcohol in attempt to stop her addiction.
Harbinger Noun; Something that shows what is coming (an event). SOmething that pioneers or initiates a major change SYnonyms: Herald, foregoer, angel Sentence: The turn around in the stock market became a harbinger of a more positive, brighter future.
Husband verb; To carefully use or manage prudently and economically (something such as a resource) To use sparingly/ to conserve Synonyms: Conserve, maintain, manage Sentence: The business husbanded its resources well, making sure thier stock room was prepared for all times.
Largess(e) noun; the act of giving away money or the qunality of a person who gives away money or money that is given away. Generosity of spirt or attitude. Synonyms: charity, libriality Sentence: After he lost his job, he became dependant upon the largess of the church for clothing and meals.
Laud verb; to praise (someone or soemthing) Synonyms: applaud, praise, salute Sentence: The teacher lauded the student for doing such an excellent job on his essay.
Prate Verbl to talk long and idly; to chatter about unimportant itemsSynonyms: babble, chatter, converse Sentence: My sister prated for hours, speaking of nonsense and other random thoughts
Purveyor noun; a person or business that sells or provide soemthing (an official provider) Synonyms: vender, seller Sentence: the marketer, a purveyor of vaccuums called trying to sell me the newest vaccuum. or The doctors office is a purveyor of healthcare
Requite verb; to give or do soemthing in return for (something that another person has given or done) Synonyms: Recompense, compensate Sentence: I requited my mother for giving me her swater, by giving her my scarf in exchange.
Resolute adjective; Very determind; having or showing a lot of determination, bold, steady; a personality trait, marked by firm determinationl resolvedSynonyms: bound, fimr, intent, hell-bent Sentence: THe athlete had a resolute face as she went on the filed determined to win.
Usurp verb; to take and keep (something, such as power) in a forceful or violent way and especially with out the right to do so Synonyms: size, take-over, pirate Setence: The dicator usurped the power of rth epopel as took the citizens’ freedoms.