Macbeth Vocabulary

Minion obsequious follower or dependent
Corporal of or relating to the body
Cleave to adhere, cling, stick fast
harbinger one that indicates or foreshadows what is to come
Chastise to punish
Beguile trick; pass the time pleasantly
Couriers messengers
Palpable easily perceived
Appalls fills with dismay
Carousing drunken merrymaking
Equivocates avoids making an explicit statement
Scruples conscience; morals
suborned induced to commit an unlawful act
parracide murdering of one’s parents
malice extreme ill will or spite
vizards masks
bides waits
purged freed from impurities
muse to consider
homage special honor expressed publicly
cauldron a large vessel
pernicious evil; wicked
diminutive extremely small in size
appease to humor; make peace with
avaricious having an immoderate desire for wealth
interdiction something authoritatively forbidden
integrity adherence to a strict moral code
censures harsh criticisms
ague a chill or fit of shivering
brandished waved or flourished