Macbeth Things to Know

Explain “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” What is foul to the witches is fair to others and vice cersa. They do not follow the normal rules of society…anything goes for them.
The two countries fighting in Act 1 Scotland and Norway
Who is Macdonwald? The thane of Cawdor and a traitor to England
Sweno The king of Norway
What happens to the Thane of Cawdor? He is executed because he is a traitor.
Who recieves the Thane of Cawdor’s title? Macbeth
Who is named Prince of Cumberland? Malcolm
Duncan’s two sons Malcolm and Donalbain
Who kills Duncan? Macbeth
Who else is held under suspicion? Malcolm and Donalbain
Where does Malcolm flee? England
Where does Donalbain flee? Ireland
Who does Macbeth blame for the murder? The servants
Who murders Banquo? Murderers sent by Macbeth
Banquo’s son Fleance
Leader of the witches Hecate
Three apparitions Helmeted head, bloody baby, child crowned with a tree in his hands
Helmeted head explanation Beware Macduff
Bloody baby explanation No man born of woman shall harm Macbeth.
Child crowned with a tree in his hands Macbeth not threatened until Birnam wood covers Dunsinane Hill
What appears after the three apparitions? Eight kings (last looks like Banquo)
Who does Macbeth kill next? Macduff’s family
What happens when Macduff sees Malcolm? He asks him to join in the fight against Scotland.
How did England help Malcolm? Provided him with an army to fight Macbeth
What does Seyton report to have seen? 10,000 soldiers coming
What Macbeth said upon Lady Macbeth’s death Life will barely move without her; his life is meaningless.
What does Macbeth say to Young Siward? Young Siward was born of a woman and so he is no threat. He kills Young Siward.
What does Macbeth say to Macduff? The same as he said to young Siward.
How was Macduff born? By C Section
Who kills Macbeth and beheads him? Macduff