Macbeth Test

Where did Shakespeare get his facts? Raphael Holinshed’s “Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland”
Why did he use witches? Everyone was superstitious at the time
Where was Macbeth first performed? Hampton Court House in 1606 for King James I
How long did the real King Macbeth rule? 17 years
What country is Scotland at war with? Norway
Who is the king of Norway? Sweno
What is Macbeth’s character flaw? Excessive ambition
Who is Malcolm? Duncan’s oldest son
In history, who are cousins? Macbeth and Duncan
Who is Macdonwald? Rebel fighter who committed treachery against Duncan, original Thane of Cawdor
Who killed Macdonwald? Macbeth
What anachronism is in Act 1 Scene 2? “Ten thousand dollars”
Why was the witch angry in Act 1 Scene 3? A sailor’s wife did not share her chestnuts
What ship did the witches sink? The Tiger
What was Macbeth’s first title? Thane of Glamis
Why is Macbeth scared the first time he talks to the witches? He thinks they can read his mind (because he thinks about becoming king)
Why does everyone go to Inverness in Act 1 Scene 4? To celebrate Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor
Who does Duncan appoint as Prince of Cumberland? Malcolm
Why is Macbeth upset about Malcolm’s appointment as Prince of Cumberland? Because Malcolm is now next in line for the throne, so Macbeth will have to kill him too
What is Macbeth’s castle? Inverness
What dramatic irony is in Act 1 Scene 6? Duncan thanks Lady Macbeth for welcoming him into their home, but he has no idea he’s about to be killed
What does Duncan give to Lady Macbeth as a gift? A diamond
Where does the name Weird come from? The Anglo-Saxon god of fate and destiny
What is Macbeth’s first hallucination? A bloody dagger floating
What is Macbeth’s second hallucination? A voice yelling “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep!”
What is the comic relief that Shakespeare provides in Act 2 Scene 3? The porter scene
Who discovers Duncan’s dead body? Macduff
What two reasons explain Lady Macbeth’s fainting? She’s actually shocked that Macbeth murdered the guards or she’s creating a distraction
Where do Malcolm and Donalbain flee to? Malcolm goes to England, Donalbain goes to Ireland
Where is Duncan’s body buried? Colmekill
Where does Macbeth go at the end of Act II? Scone to be coronated
Where does Macduff go when Macbeth is coronated? Fife
What is Macduff’s castle? Fife
Why does Macbeth kill Banquo? He is jealous that Banquo’s sons will be king and Banquo knows too much about the witches
What memorable scene is the reversal of roles between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth? Act III Scene II
What scene is the climax of the play? Act III Scene III
Why does Macbeth flip his shit at the dinner party? He sees Banquo’s ghost come sit in his seat
Why did the murderers fail Macbeth? Fleance escaped
What scene do scholars think Shakespeare didn’t write? Act III Scene IV
Who is the general of the English army? Siward
What is the first apparition? An armed head
Who does the first apparition represent? Macduff
What is the second apparition? A bloody child
Who does the second apparition represent? Macduff
What is the third apparition? A crowned child with a tree in his hand
Who does the third apparition represent? Malcolm
What is the last apparition? A show of eight kings, with the king holding a mirror showing all of Banquo’s descendents that will be king
Why does Macbeth kill Macduff’s family? Out of spite
What is the only scene set in England? Act IV Scene III
Who delivers all the bad news in the play? Ross
How many men are in the army coming for Macbeth? 10,000
What did King Edward heal? Scrofula
What’s wrong with Lady Macbeth? Somnambulance
Who watches Lady Macbeth sleepwalking? Doctor and gentlewoman
What does Lady Macbeth do in her sleepwalking? Act like she’s washing her hands
What is different about Lady Macbeth? She begins speaking in monosyllabic terms
Who is Seyton? Macbeth’s attending officer
What does Macduff command his soldiers to do? Camouflage with branches from Birnam wood
Who tells Macbeth that his wife is dead? Seyton
What is unique about Macduff’s birth? He was born from a c-section
What happens in the catharsis? 1. Thanes become earls2. Everyone who fled Macbeth gets to return to Scotland3. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are dead4. Malcolm becomes king and isn’t a tyrant
Who are the Scottish nobles? Lennox, Ross, Angus, Menteith, Caithness