As the play begins, three witches are gathered in a deserted spot in scotland. The witches are making plans to meet again. Whom are they planning to meet? Macbeth
in his military camp, King Duncan receives reports from the battlefield. he lears of macbeths bravery and the treasonous actions of the thane of Cawdor. how does the king promise to reward macbeth? Gives everything that thane had to Macbeth, doubling his fortune
In scene 3, macbeth and ban quo meet the three witches. what predictions do the witches make? macbeth will be thane of Cawdor and king of Scotland. banquo’s children will be kings
The witches disappear, and macbeth and Banquo meet Ross and Angus, two of King Duncans noblemen. Macbeth learns that one of the witches predictions has come true. which prediction? Macbeth is thane of cawdor
in scene 4, king duncan, the kings son, macbeth, and banquo meet at the palace at forres. the king announces his plans for his eldest sons future. what will become of malcolm? malcolm will succeed duncan on the throne of scotland
lady macbeth receives a letter from her husband. the letter contains what information? macbeth is thane of Cawdor and the witches predicted that Macbeth would be King of Scotland. It didnt say that Macbeth plans to murder Duncan.
what does lady macbeth mean when she says that she fears that macbeth is “too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness/ to catch the nearest way”? macbeth is too weak to claim power in the quickest way-by killing duncan
as scene 7 begins, macbeth ponders what to do about king duncan. he decides that he cannot kill king duncan but changes his mind. what convinces macbeth o commit the murder? lady macbeth accuses him of being a coward
what is macbeth and lady macbeth’s plan for murdering king duncan? after the guards have fallen into a drunken sleep, macbeth will kill the king and smear the guards with the kings blood
are both macbeth and lady macbeth committed to the plan? yes, “i am settled”
t/f: macbeth tells banquo that he has not given thought to the witches predictions true
t/f: as they talk, banqup pledges his loyalty to macbeth true
t/f: after banquo leaves, macbeth sees a bloody spear in a hallucination true
t/f: after macbeth drugs the guards, lady macbeth uses the guards daggers to kill king duncan false, macbeth did
t/f: early the next morning, macduff finds the king dead in his bed. true
t/f: macbeth murders the king’s bodyguards, who have been accused of murdering the king true
t/f: after malcolm and donalbain leave the country, macduff concludes that the kings sons hired the guards to kill the king true
banquo admits that he is suspicious of macbeths ascent to power. what does macbeth decide to do about banqup and his son? hire someone to murder them
banqup pledges his loyalty to macbeth and says i pledge my loyalty to you as long as i dont lose my honor
in scene 6, lennox and another lord discuss the troubles in the kingdom. where have malcolm and macduff gone to seek help england
lennox comes to macbeth with news that macduff has fled to england. what does macbeth plan to do about this kill his family
in scene 2, what does lady macduff tell her son about his father? he is dead and a traitor
a messenger comes to lady macduff to take her family away, but what happens? macduffs son is murdered. lady macduff tries to escape
in england, macduff and malcolm meet. what does macduff want malcolm to do? come back to scotland and fix things. set scottland straight
what news does ross bring to macduff? his family is dying
how does macbeth die? macduff beheads him and gives his head to malcolm, and malcolm becomes the king