Macbeth Terms

Is Macbeth happy after he kills Duncan? No
Who finds Duncan’s body and announces his death? Macduff
What did Macbeth do to Duncan’s guards? Why? Killed them, He was so angry at them for killing Duncan
At the end of Act II, what do the Scottish nobles think of Malcolm and Donalbain? They are responsible for Duncan’s murder
What does Macbeth achieve at the end of Act II? He is getting the crown
Why is Macbeth so upset at the feast? Sees Banquos ghost
What does Lady Macbeth say about Macbeth’s behavior at the feast? A childhood illness
Who is suspiciously absent from Macbeth’s feast? Macduff
In Act III scene 6, where has Macduff gone? To England to support Malcolm
How does Malcolm describe himself to Macduff in Act IV scene 3? Like a monster
Why does Malcolm describe himself in this way? To test Macduff’s loyalty
How does Macduff respond to Malcolm’s description of himself? Not fit to live, and he can’t live in Scotland anymore
In Act IV, scene 3, lines 188-192, when Malcolm says, “We are coming thither,” who is “we”? Malcolm and the English army
In Act IV, scene 3, lines 188-192, when Malcolm says, “We are coming thither,” where are they going? Scotland
Act IV, scene 3, lines 224-225, “Sinful Macduff, They were all struck for thee!” Who are “they”? All his family
What has happened in the above quote? He just found out his family was murdered
At the beginning of Act V, what does Lady Macbeth do over and over? Rubs her hands together while sleepwalking
What play is “so called” cursed? Macbeth
What is supposed to bring when pronouncing its name backstage? Bad luck
Macbeth is also referred as what? “the Scottish play” or “that play”
Where was the first performance of Macbeth held at? And who was it in front of? Hampton Court Palace, in front of King James
What is the name of the best known theater in London? The Globe
Poorer patrons are also called what? “groundlings”
Where did the wealthier patrons sit? in covered galleries
How did the plays have light? By natural lighting
How did the actors know when the groundlings disagreed or disapproved of certain characters or lines? By jeering or by throwing food at them
True/False Were women allow to perform? False
Who played as the women’s role in the plays normally? Boys
What plagued the productions of Macbeth? Accidents and injuries
How many stories and about how many people could The Globe hold? 3-story wooden building and holds up to 3,000 people