MacBeth Reading Discussion questions

Act1-scene 1 Things that look pretty will become ugly and vice versa
Scene 2 Sergeant reported what happened in battleMacbeth is brave and fierce- gruesome The way he killed macdonwall was very violent
Scene 3 He feels uneasy and nervous and confusedThings are not as they appear-people think he is great but his soul is ugly-challenges with distinguishing reality from what he imagines
Scene 4 Macbeth is angry because
Act 2-scene 1 Lady Macbeth rings bellBell signals it’s time to kill DuncanLady Macbeth drugged guards, once they were passed out she rang the bell, bell summons king Duncan to heaven or hell
Scene 2 Signified Macbeth is scared that it will be discovered he killed DuncanHis conscience is bothering himGhost seeking vengeance or justice
Scene 3 His ambition to become king/attain power, ambition leads to become a murderer
Scene 4 Macduff is against Macbeth, when he doesn’t attend the coronation, he becomes macbeth’s enemy
Act-3 scene 1 Macbeth doesn’t want blood on his own hands, doesn’t want to be caught
Scene 2 His mind is “full of scorpions”, being worried; found out, lady Macbeth doesn’t know about macbeth’s plans to kill banquo and Fleance
Scene 3 “O treachery! Fly, Fleance, fly, fly, fly! Thou may’st revenge-o slave!
Scene 5 Witches show powers in them
Act 4 scene 1 Says he will kill macduff and his family death/murder is vengeful Does not feel guilty
Scene 2 Dark times because of the murdersMacbeth is not a good ruler, uncertainty, dictator
Scene 3 Malcolm states that he himself is more corrupt and evil than Macbeth, (macduff) its ok everyone has flaws, macduff states his loyalty to Scotland. Macduff declares Malcolm as unfit because Malcolm did not show dedication to Scotland.
Act 5 scene 1 She is talking about the “blood on her hands”, she thinks she hears knocking at the gate and returns to bed
Scene 1 She’s using hyperbole and metaphor
Scene 2 Compares banquo to plant in positive way about jobs and access, Macbeth to weed. Soldiers are only following orders, they are not really loyal to Macbeth
Scene 3 Macbeth’s behavior is arrogant and cocky. He orders others around frantically and chaotically. He thinks he is immortal.Doctor is telling Macbeth that Scotland has a “disease”, Scotland needs to be cured and returned to health. Macbeth is virus (metaphor)
Scene 4 Strategy is to use tree branches to conceal themselves. Prophecy
Scene 5 Macbeth speaks of lost confidence, losing hope.Fair and foul, foul is fair. Prophecies came true but we’re not truthfulBeing King wasn’t what he thought it was going to be.
Scene 6
Scene 7 Structure of 8 short scenes, suspenseful.Macbeth was told he would not be harmed by anyone born of a woman, overconfidence because of the prophecy.
Scene 8 Macbeth reveals that he was not born of a woman he was delivered by c-section. Macbeth loses courage.Lady Macbeth kills herself. Macbeth and Macduff fight and Macbeth dies. Malcolm becomes king. Rightful heir to the throne.