Macbeth-nature/unnatural quotes

“dark night strangles the lamp “ symbolizes the evil that has come over Scotland
Lennox comments on how “unruly” the stormy night was when Duncan was killed pathetic fallacy sets an uneasy atmosphere
A falcon has been savagely killed by an owl flacon symbolizes Duncan , Owl symbolizes Macbeth
horses have been eating each other unnatural – foreshadows Macbeths men will turn against him
Duncan uses extended metaphor of plants e.g. “plant thee ” and “make thee full of growing” to show its his duty to nurture people who are loyal to him
Lennox wants to “drown the weeds” metaphor- compares Macbeth to a weed as he’s preventing anything from growing , destroying land
“Fair is foul and foul is fair” paradox- incantation sets atmosphere for the whole play , we are witnessing the creation by witches of a reversal in the ordinary nature of things- environment for the whole play(right-wrong good-bad bright-gloom) gives play directionwitches could also be referring to themselves – they look ugly but the predictions they offer Macbeth are beautiful
Macbeth/ lady Macbeth hide behind nature “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it” metaphor-L.M encourages him to play the perfect host to the king so no one will suspect his intentions (deceitful)- parallel to adam and eve