Macbeth multiple choice ( acts 1-3)

what important roles do the witches play in act one foreshadow events
what does the captain report to Duncan after the battle is won how brave McBeth was in battle, the thane of Cawdor was a traitor, Banquo was an equally impressive fighter
what title is given to MacBeth for his acts of bravery on the battlefield Thane of Cawdor
what happened to the original thane of cawdor he was executed for treason
of the three titles the witches bestow upon MacBeth which is not one of them all hail, Thane of cumberland
throughout act one Macbeth plans and actions seem motivated most of all by his wife’s encouragement
in what ways is Lady macbeth stronger than her husband she stands firm when Macbeth starts to waiver
why does King Duncan come to macbeth’s castle to congratulate Macbeth for a job well done
what is the name of Macbeth’s castle Inverness
what is the central theme for act two ambition leads to madness
insane two, Lady Macbeth’s purpose in drugging the guards is so they will sleep through king Duncans murder
macbeth declares he will “sleep no more” because he believes his conscience will never let him rest
Who discovers Duncans dead body first Macduff
what is Macbeths only reason to kill the king ambition
The Porter pretends he is opening the gates to Hell
Lady MacBeth says she would kill King Duncan but he looks too much like her father
which character flees to England Malcolm
which character flees to Ireland Donalbain
what does Macbeth accidentally take with him after murdering the king The murder weapons
What noise startles Lady Macbeth screeching owl
which of the following did not happen on the night Duncan was killed A servant woman killed herself
Who vows to find the murderer and punish him/her Banquo
what is the main purpose of act three to show how Macbeth’s troubles are growing
Macbeth learns that banquo will not be returning to the castle until after dark. Why is this good news to him it will be easier to murder Banquo under the cover of darkness
why does Macbeth decide to kill Banquo The witches predict Banquo’s sons will be king
how did Macbeth convince the two murderers to kill Banquo he reminded them that Banquo had caused all their troubles
why does Macbeth start to act so oddly at the banquet he sees the ghost of Banquo
oh Lord reports to Ross and important Thane, from Fife, had left to gain military assistance from England against Macbeth. who is it mcDuff
which character is first suspects Macbeths possible guilt Banquo
at the end of act three, Macbeth plans to visit the witches once more. What does he want to learn what troubles are still in store for him
why does McDuff not come to Macbeths banquet he believes macbeth is guilty
why is hecate mad at the three witches they didn’t include her in on Macbeths situation
from the movie, what object is passed around while the guest dance at Macbeths feast mop
Macbeths desire that his wife be “innocent of the knowledge” of his plan to kill Banquo and Fleance suggest that Macbeth is now more decisive on his own
what is the central theme in act one betrayal
why does lady macbeth believe that macbeth has a poor chance of power too nice
what does stage direction give to the reader information about what is taking place on stage
which character is found out to be a traitor in act 1 thane of cawdor
sons of this character are said to become kings banquo
what does macbeth encounter floating in the air before the murder of duncan dagger
who is the goddess of witches hecate
who faints upon hearing of the death of duncan lady macbeth
which animals turn cannibalistic horses
what does macbeth really mean when he says the blood on his hands will not go away he won’t be able to forget what he did
what does foul is fair and fair is foul mean what is wrong is right and right is wrong, nothing is what it seems
what does macbeth specifically take after killing duncan daggers
what does macbeth mean when he says the blood on his hands won’t go away it’s a comment on his profound guilt
foul is fair and fair is foul means nothing is as it seems
which is external conflict macbeth wants banquo dead, hires murderers to kill him
a soliloquy is character thinking out loud to himself