Where does the play open up Scotland
Macbeth is a general in a war with who? Norway
Duncan decides to appoint Macbeth as the new thane of.. Cawdor
Whom does Duncan name as the successor to the throne? Malcolm ( his son)
According to the witches who will be father the Kings? Banquo
What do the witches equate fair with? Foul
How does lady Macbeth hear about her husbands encounter with the witches? He sends her a letter explaining everything
What is not a part of lady macbeth’s plan? Killing the guards
Macbeth’s main reason for deciding not to kill the Duncan He is too loyal to the king
What is macbeth’s tragic flaw? His blind ambition
Duncan names Malcolm as prince of Cumberland ams heir to the throne
Lady Macbeth prays to the spirits to Unsex her
Who discovers Duncan’s body? Mac duff
Macbeth’s foil is Banquo
Where does Malcolm flee to? Donalbain? Mac duff? England, Ireland, fythe
Why couldn’t lady Macbeth kill Duncan? He looked like her father
What is lady Macbeth drunk with? Ambition
What is the witches third prophecy That banquos sons will be heirs
What two purposes does fleanace serve He is the bearer of truth and life
How is Macbeth a hypocrite He is acting like he is sad that Duncan had been murdered but he has really killed him and is pretending
Describe lady macbeth’s actions front the beginning of act one to the end of act two At first she was very strong willed and determined on being Unsexed and full of ambition but now she is weak and is full of guilt
What is comic relief A break in the play from a dramatic scene
Why is the porter scene used by Shakespeare For comic relief from the very intense scene of Duncan murder
What is foreshadowing? Hinting what is to come in the future
“Such thoughts will make us mad” why is this foreshadowing? It means that Macbeth and lady ,a beta are going crazy
The porter dreams he is at the gates of Hell
Who is aware of the prophecies but suspects treason? Banquo
Who are the only three people aware of the witches prophecy? Banquo Macbeth and lady Macbeth
Explain “little water will clear us of this deed” who said it and what does it mean? Lady Macbeth – nothing can clear them of the crime
What does Macbeth realize when he sees the dagger The vision of his guilt if taunting him
What happens to the grooms attending Duncan Lady Macbeth drugs in hem, Macbeth kills them and frames them to look like they killed Duncan
Why are lady macbeth’s hand covered in blood? She returned the dagger to the grooms
Who discovered Duncan’s body? Macduff
Scene 1 act 2 Macbeth attempts to get Banquo to do what? Support him
What does Macbeth imagine he sees when he hallucinates? A daggar
In scene 2 lady Macbeth tells Macbeth that she .. Takes full responsibility of killing Duncan
Shakespear makes Duncan’s murder seem more monstrous than it might have been by Portraying the king in good terms
In act 2 scene 4 macduff emphasizes his opposition to Macbeth by doing what? Not going to the coronation of Macbeth being crowned king
In the final scene of act 2 natural events are reported that are _____ of evil Omens
Who announced the death of Duncan? Macduff
Macbeth compares the murderers to what Dogs
What does a mind full of scorpions indicate about macbeth’s mental state? that his mind has Brent taken over by the greed and ambition of gaining more, also by the overwhelming guilt
What happens to nature as darkness begins to fall? The good things of day have gone and evil takes over
Who is a serpent and who is a worm? Banquo and Fleanace
Who suspects Macbeth of the murders? Macduff (and banquo)
Who is Macbeth plotting to kill in act 3 Banquo and Fleance
How many murderers are hired? How many show up to commit it? 2 are hired but a 3rd shows up
Who is killed in act 3? Banquo
What are the reasons Macbeth expresses regret towards his plans to kill Banquo Banquos heirs will benefit and he has greater wisdom than Macbeth , he has a royal nature
How many prophecies have come true in act 3? Only 2 Macbeth is thane of cawdor and king
What does the torch used by Fleance indicate? Darkness in the play because they were performed in daylight
Who does banquos ghost appear to? Macbeth
What does banquos ghost say in the banquet scene? Nothing
Who is Hecate?why is she angry? She is the head witch. She is angry because the weird sisters gave visions to Macbeth without permission
In act 4 how many apparitions are there? 4, armed head of a soldier-beware macduff, bloody child- non of woman can harm Macbeth, child with an olive branch – macbeth will not be defeated until burnam wood moves to dunsinane hill, shows 8 kings that all resemble Banquo.
How does macduff learn of the death of his family? Ross tells him
Lady macduff complains that her husband has done what? Left her and their children in danger
Lady macduff dies believing what about her husband? That he was a traitor
Why does Macbeth lash out at macduff’s family? Because he knows that macduff is a threat to him and to assure that no defendant of his will claim the throne
“Something wicked this way comes” refers to Who? Macbeth
Why does toss hesitate to report the slaying of macduff’s family? It is too painful to relate
Malcolm tells a series of lies to who? Why? Macduff, to ensure his loyalty to mp himself and not Macbeth
The witches as brewing a charm on stage with____parts? Animal
Why did macduff leave his family? To go gain Malcolm’s trust and be a part of his army on England against Macbeth
How does Macbeth respond to each apparition? 1-plans to kill macduff, 2-assured that he is safe, 3-he brushes off this one, 4-he is worried and recalls banquos prophecy and remembers that Fleances escaped