Macbeth: Light, Dark,and Chaos

Act 1 Scene 3 Banquo The instruments of darkness tell us truths,Win us with honest trifles, to betray’sIn deepest consequence.
Act 2 Scene 4 Ross Thou seest, the heavens, as troubled with man’s act,…by the clock, ’tis day,And yet dark night strangles the travelling lamp:Is’t night’s predominance, or the day’s shame
Act 1 Scene 5 Lady Macbeth (1) Come, thick night,And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell,That my keen knife see not the wound it makes,Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark,
Act 4 Scene 1 Macbeth Though you untie the winds and let them fightAgainst the churches… Even till destruction sicken; answer meTo what I ask you.
Act 1 Scene 5 Lady Macbeth (2) look like the innocent flower,But be the serpent under’t.