Macbeth H Quiz

How does Shakespeare use foreshadowing in Macbeth By having the witches predict that Macbeth will be king of scotland in Act 1, he suggests that Macbeth will indeed carry out the assassination he plans with his wife in Act II.
In Act II, Scene 2, after he murders Duncan, Macbeth asks, “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash with blood / Clean from my hand?” Neptune was the Roman god of the sea.How does this allusion to Neptune Affect the play? It reveals the great depth of Macbeth’s Guilt, suggesting that all the water in the ocean cannot cleanse him of it.
How does this illustrate one of the plays major themes? It shows how power can make a person arrogant and blind to danger.
How does what happened to Lady Macbeth in Act V help develop one of the themes of the play? Her suicide helps demonstrate how a persons past misdeeds can have tragic consequences on the person in the present.
Which sentence best expresses one of the themes of Macbeth? Evil deeds can continue toTorment people long after the deeds are committed.
Which incidents in the play help convey that idea? Lady Macbeth asks the spirits to “unsex her” to make her more masculine so that she can go through with the plan to murder Duncan.Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth she should have only one male children because of her unusual strength and ambition.