Macbeth Glossary of terms

act a main division of a drama. Shakespeares’s plays consist of 5
allusion a reference to a literary or historical person or event to explain a present situation
aside a brief remark made by a character and intended to be heard by the audience but not by other characters
atmosphere the tone or mood established by events, places or situations
chorus in greek drama, the singing and dancing group whose words formed commentary of interpretation of action. In Elizabethan drama the role of it was often taken by one actor to recite a prologue or several actors to offer commentary on a situation
comic relief a humorous scene or speech in a serious drama which is meant to provide relief from emotional intensity and by contrast to heighten the seriousness of the story
foreshadowing a hint of what is to come in the story. this is often used to keep the audience in a state of expectancy
imagery words or phrases that appeal to the 5 senses, figurative language may create images but not all images are figures of speech
irony a contrast btwn what is and what appears to be. One type is verbal in which a character says one thing and means another. Another is dramatic in which the audience knows what the characters dont
metaphor a figure of speech that implies or states a comparison btwn 2 unlike things which are similar in some way (no like or as)
paradox a statement which seems to be contradictory but is at the same time profoundly logical. it may be used to emphasize a particular theme or idea
scene a small unit of a play in which there is no shift of locale or time
simile a figure of speech that states a comparison btwn 2 unlike things which are similar in one aspect (uses like or as)
soliloquy a speech given by a character alone on stage-to let the audience know what the character is thinking and feeling
tragedy type of drama of human conflict which ends in defeat and suffering. often the main character has a tragic flaw which leads to their destruction, sometimes the conflict is w/ forces beyond the control of the character-fate, evil in the world