Macbeth Final: Act 4

Characters in Scene 1 three witches, Macbeth, Three apparitions, Lennox
Witches Gross and creepingmaking potions
3 apparitions all equivications foreshadowing of Macbeth’s downfall
The First Apparition Armed HeadMessage: Beware Macduff the Thane of Fife
The Second Apparition Bloody ChildMessage: For none of Women born shall harm Macbeth
The Third Apparition A crowned child holding a tree in handMessage: Macbeth shall never be vanquished until Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane
Dunsinane King’s castle
Macbeth’s vision Line of 8 kingseighth king holding a mirror in his hand tracing back to Banquo
King James traced his linage through Banquo
Lennox tells Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England for help
Killing Macduff’s Family turning point for Macbethhe is killing without a purposeKilling the innocent
Scene 2 Setting Fife
Characters Scene 2 Lady Macduff, Son of Macduff, Murderer, Ross, Messenger
Lady Macduff Upset Tells her son Macduff is dead But really just a traitor
Traitor one who lies and swears
Messenger enters and warns Lady Macduff of murderers tells them to flea
Murderer enters instantly after and kills all Macduff’s family
Settting for Scene 3 England
Characters of scene 3 Malcolm, Macduff, Doctor, Ross
Malcolm makes an allusion Lucifer: the brightest angel
Malcolm’s test 1.first he tells of his flaws: Lust- your matrons and your wives (all he wants is sex) Macduff says they have willing women2.Second flaw: Greed- he would cut off all the noblesMacduff says although this is worse he says they have enough money3.Third flaw: He says he has no kingly graces Macduff says not fit to govern or to live At this point Macduff passes the test
Duncan holy anointed king unlike Macbeth
King Edward spending time curing his people (Scrofula)
King Edward and Macbeth foils of each other while one is curing people the other is killing people
Ross Brings in the news of MacDuff’s family Says his family is well and at peace He is trying to find the right time to tell him that his family has been slaughtered
Macduff blames himself for his families death He says that Macbeth doesn’t know what it feels like to lose a child because he doesn’t have any had only been after Macbeth to save Scotland and get rid of the king Now it is REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!
Malcolm says that unless the forces of light can over take the darkness his reign will be long
Macbeth is darkness
Malcolm is light