Macbeth essay

Paragraphs for ambition being the main destructive force Ambition is the main destructive force in Macbeth’s downfall, Lady Macbeth is also destroyed by her own ambition, Supernatural forces also act as a smaller destructive force in Macbeth
Ambition is the main cause of Macbeth’s downfall sentence He allows his morality to become compromised in order to achieve success, and as his ambition grows, his “good and virtuous nature recoils.”
Macbeth’s ambition causing his downfall symbolism This shift in Macbeth’s disposition is SYMBOLICALLY SUPPORTED through the continued use of birds, in particular the raven. The raven was viewed as a bad omen and was linked to death and darkness, representing Macbeth’s decline in morality, STEMMING FROM the King’s murder, as well as foreshadowing the terrible acts that Macbeth would later commit.
Macbeth Ambition paragraph rough – M is responsible for downfall, Initially M is courageous warrior “brave Macbeth, well he deserves that name,” but as play progress M becomes increasingly corrupt and destructive. M’s downfall is his loss of morality
Macbeth’s ambitious nature… Macbeth unquenchable ambition combined with his self-interest causes his obsession with becoming king to surpass his morals
As Macbeth’s ambition increases his “good and virtuous nature recoils,” resulting in him transitioning into a tyrannical leader who goes on to murder MacDuff’s family, the act that embodies the extreme extent of Macbeth’s moral corruption
Witches influence paragraph Although the witches spur Macbeth into action through their prophecies, they cannot be held responsible for his fate, as Macbeth takes action into his own hands. “shalt be king hereafter”