Macbeth Applied Practice Vocabulary

paradox contradicting
inversion change of word order
alliteration repetition of same consonant
reiteration repetition
personification giving human qualities to inanimant objects
ellipsis omission of words
simile like or as
verbals verbs
farcical ridiculous
satirical mocking
puns play on words
antitheses contrasts between two different ideas
dissembling lying
pathetic fallacy attribution of human qualities to inanimate objects
allusion reference to literature, art, or geography
anaphora the use of the same word at the begenning of clauses or phrases for effect
synecdoche part equals whole
patronizing talking down to
derisive mocking
flippant carefree
emulated copied
revelation revealing truth
retribution bloody revenge
treachery betrayal
antecedent word which the pronoun refers
ingratiate defer to
allegory a tale told in symbols that relay a moral or message
vice a bad or evil habit or personality trait
vitriolic expressing bitter hatred
chiding scolding
hyperbole exaggeration
aphorism a witty phrase that contains truth
cynicism the state of being pessimistic due to experience
nihilism a belief that life is pointless and nothing is worthwhile