Scene 1 Scene 1
What does each of the three apparitions say to Macbeth? 1. Beware of Macduff2. Doesn’t need to fear men born of women3. Until burnum wood moves to dunscium will Macbeth not be vanquished
Why do the witches show Macbeth the eight kings? Represents all the kings who descend from Banquo
What does Macbeth order to be done when he hears that Macduff has fled to England? kill the wife and babies of Macduff
How would you describe Macbeth now, as compared to his earlier ambivalence? He was uncertain then and now he is uncertain, bold, bloody, mast certain
Scene 2 Scene 2
What has Ross just told Lady Macduff? Macduff plans
How does Lady Macduff react to this news? Angry, that he left her and their children
In line 61, a messenger enters. What does the messenger tell Lady Macduff to do? Tells her to escape with her children
Who is killed in the scene two? the son of Macduff and the wife as well
Why are the murders even more terrible than those previously committed? A stupid crime no reason especially because Macduff is the threat not his family.
Scene 3 Scene 3
Why is Macduff’s speech in lines 4-6 ironic? Because his wife and kids are dead
Why doesn’t Malcolm trust Macduff? He is suspicious that he killed Duncan
In lines 25-28, what does Malcolm ask Macduff? Malcolm ask Macduff why he left his family with out letting them know
What forces has Malcolm promised? England forces that will have more vices, more suffer, and more sundry ways
Summarize Malcom’s confession to Macduff in lines 57-100. He has comited sin like for example being lustful, greedy, and no king virture
Why does Malcolm say these things to Macduff? To ensure he is on Macduff’s side and his loyalty
In lines 114-137, what does Malcolm tell Macduff? That he is not as he was described earlier
In lines 164-173, what news about the condition of Scotland does Ross bring? There is violence and people are dying
What personal information does Ross bring to Macduff? That Macduff’s family have been killed
In lines 228-229, what does Malcolm tell Macduff to do? To advenge the death of his family
Scene 1 Scene 1
What does her sleepwalking reveal about Lady Macbeth’s conscience?` She is guilty about all of the deaths that Duncan’s death has caused
How is her hand-washing symbolic? She cannot wash away this much guilt
Scene 2 Scene 2
Where are the noblemen to meet Malcolm? Near Birnum wood
What is reported about Macbeth? People say that he is going mad causing him to loose support
Scene 3 Scene 3
What does Macbeth claim to feel no fear? The witches/apparitions told him he’ll be fine
In lines 19-29, how does Macbeth indicate what he really feels? That he is sick at heart
Scene 4 Scene 4
Where does this scene take place? Country near Birnum wood
What are Malcolm’s instructions to his soldiers? Why does he have them do this? To camouflage themselves in the forest so it will appear that they are going to the caste when they are all in the woods
According to Malcolm in lines 10-14, what is the quality of Macbeth’s troops? They wont fight hard because they fight out of fea instead of loyalty for the king
Scene 5 Scene 5
What news does Seyton give Macbeth? That his wife has died
What do lines 24-28 mean? Telling about how death comes upon you like a shadow….the meaning of life is nothing
Of what does the messenger inform Macbeth? That there is a big army in Birnum woods the forest is moving
Scene 6 Scene 6
What is accomplished in this scene? The troops are divided and plan for attack
Scene 7 Scene 7
What is accomplished in this scene? The castle is broken and Malcolm is close to victory but Macbeth flees in fear of Macduff
Who is slain by Macbeth? Young Siward
What has happened to some of Macbeth’s men? They joined the other side
Scene 8 Scene 8
What does Macduff tell Macbeth about his birth? Macduff was taken from his mother and not born from her so Macbeth will be killed
Who kills Macbeth? Macduff
Who will be King of Scotland? Malcolm