Macbeth Acts 3-5

What did Banquo reveal in his soliloquy (in his head) in the beginning of scene 1? He fears Macbeth killed Duncan. Banquo is a threat to Macbeth
What does Macbeth invite Banquo to for that evening? a solemn supper
Why would Macbeth want to know if Fleance is going with him? he wanted to calculate how he was going to kill Banquo
Why does Macbeth fear Banquo? His son may become king; Banquo is brave
what does Macbeth tell the murderers needs to happen to Fleance? he needs to die
How does Lady Macbeth say Macbeth needs to act in front of his guests tonight? bright and jovial
Who have the murderers Macbeth has hired slain? Banquo
What happened to Fleance? he fled before he could get murdered
What/who does Macbeth see at the banquet? how does he react? What does Lady Macbeth have to do? The ghost of Banquo. He freaks out and tries talking to him. Lady Macbeth tells everyone to leave
How does Macbeth explain his behavior? He says that it’s a sickness he’s always had
Who does Macbeth toast to? Why is it ironic that he says “wish you were here”? Banquo; he planned his murder
Where has Macduff run off to? What is he planning on doing? he went off to visit the witches. he plans on visiting the king
Give at least two examples of what the weird sisters put in their witches’brew. eye of newt; toe of frog
Who enters when the witches remark, “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”? Macbeth
Who might the sow symbolize? why? Macbeth; he is killing his own kinsman
What are the three apparitions the witches show Macbeth? What are their warnings? Armour head: Beware Macbeth Bloody child: none of woman born shall harm MacbethChild crowned with branch in his hand: macbeth will never be killed until the wood moves up the hill
What is the final apparition Macbeth asks to see, and why is he disheartened by it? The 8 kings of Banquo’s line. Line of Banquo will be forever
When Lennox tells Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England, what does Macbeth resolve to do? surprise attack Macduff’s family at his castle. Directly killing for vengeance
Why is Lady Macduff upset with her husband? because he left his family behind. She believes her husband is a traitor
What happens to Lady Macduff and her son? they are both murdered
What does Malcolm do to test Macduff’s loyalty? tells him that he is going to be a horrible king
What does King Edward have the power to do? heal people by touch
What does Malcolm tell Macduff to do with his grief? turn it into anger. Take it like a man
Who are the doctor and gentlewoman observing in the beginning of scene 1? Lady Macbeth. She admitted to Duncan and Banquo’s murder along with Macduff’s wife
What is Lady Macbeth doing and saying while she is sleepwalking? saying “hell is murky” while washing her hands because she feels so guilty
What is causing Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking? the killings made by herself and Macbeth
What is Macbeth recalling in the beginning of Scene 3? the three apparitions
How will those approaching Dunsinane with Malcolm camouflage themselves once they enter into Birnam Woods? What will this look like to Macbeth? get a branch and bring that with them up the hill so he won’t see how many numbers are in the army. Macbeth will think that the actual woods are moving up to Dunsinane
What do you think Macbeth means when he says “I have almost forgot the taste of fears”? He has forgotten what it is like to be scared
What disheartening news does Macbeth receive from Seyton while awaiting the attack? Lady Macbeth has died
Who is the first victim killed by Macbeth in the battle? Young Siward
What has happened to Macbeth’s castle? surrendered without a fight
Who killed Macbeth? Macduff
How does Macduff show that Macbeth was slain? brings his head to his fellow men
Who is named to the throne at the end of the play? Malcolm
Where are Scottish kings crowned? Scone
Who was head of the three witches? Hecate
who was killed by macbeth because he is too trusting? king duncan
who were the sons of king duncan? malcolm and donalbain
whose wife and son are killed by macbeth? macduff
who escapes when his father is being murdered? fleance
whose children will inherit the throne? banquo
who dies believing her husband is a traitor? lady macduff
who is “too full of the milk of human kindness? macbeth
whose presence is normally accompanied by thunder and lightning? three witches
who escapes to england to raise an army to overthrow macbeth? macduff
who faints when news of duncan’s death is delivered? lady macbeth
who appears as a ghost? banquo
who answers the knocking on the door then delivers a comedic speech about lechery? porter
who kills macbeth? macduff
who hears a voice that says “macbeth does murder sleep” macbeth
who is associated with mythological fates three witches
who were the to scottish noblemen lennox and ross
who was found knocking loudly on the door macduff
who declines macbeth’s invitation to the banquet? banquo
who names heir to the scottish throne? malcolm