Macbeth acts 2 and 3

who says “a heavy…repose” in act 2 Banquo
who says “If you shall …cousell’d” in act 2 Macbeth
who says “these deeds …mad” in act 2 lady macbeth
Who says “with all …red” in act 2 Macbeth
who says “a little deed” in act 2 lady macbeth
who says” to know couldst” in act 2 Macbeth
who says “clammered shake” in act 2 lennox
who says “well may…new!” in act 2 Macduff
who says “Thou hast it…for’t” in act 3 banquo
who says” to be thus…utterance” in act 3 macbeth
who besides Banquo knows all of the witches prophecies Macbeth
Why does Macbeth question Banquo about his plans? he wants to know when and where he will be so he can plan out when to kill Banquo.
What does Macbeth tell the murderers about Banquo? He says that Banquo is the one who caused them this great misfortune. He is their enemy.
Why is it significant that Macbeth hires murderers? He doesn’t want to be suspected of anything.
Who else are the murderers to kill besides Banquo? Fleance, Banquos son
“Naughts hadst…joy” is said by who in act 3 Lady mac
“Better be with ecstasy” is said by who in act 3 Macbeth
“Be innocent…deed” is said by who in act 3? Macbeth
What affliction does Macbeth suffer from? nightmares
What does Lady Mac mean when she says “you must leave this.” to Macbeth? How is this ironic? She is telling Macbeth that he should leave the Duncan situation alone. Before she was talking him into killing Duncan and now she is talking him out of killing.
Is Lady Mac aware that Macbeth has planned to kill Banquo? no she knows he has thought ab it but doesn’t know he actually planned it.
How is the planning of killing Banquo different from Duncan’s killing? Banquos killing is not being forced on Macbeth by Lady Mac.
Who is murdered in scene 3.3? banquo
Who escapes? Fleance
what activity opens the scene? banquet
Who joins the assembled group sitting in Macbeths mind? Ghost of Banquo
how does lady Mac explain Macbeths actions? she says he has done this since his youth.
what is her reaction to Macbeths freaking out an the ghost? she says he is weak under pressure.
why does lady Mac ask everyone to leave? bc Macbeth is getting worse
who refused to go to the banquet macduff
what is Macbeths plan for the next day to send a spy to the witches house
to what does Macbeth attribute to his condition experience
what does Hecate tell the witches summon Macbteh to a meeting
why does she think Macbeth was a poor choice she thinks he acts like a spoiled brat, is angry. and doesn’t care ab anyone else but himself
how are the thanes feeling ab their king they think Macbeth is making things worse and not helping
where has Macduff gone to England to meet King edward
what does Macduff hope to do he wants to convince him to dethrone macbeth
in scene 1, what is the conflict between the murderers and banquo Banquo is the one who messed up there lives and now they want revenge on him.
why is Banquo in conflict w macbeth Banquo is suspicious of mac ethane knows ab the witches prophecies. He knows Mac will do anything for them to come true which makes him very suspicious.
why does Macbeth go through internal conflict at din he sees ghost of Banquo.
why is lady Mac in conflict w Mac at din she is trying to get Mac to stop foolishly talking about the invisions.
how does Mac use dramatic irony to comment on Banquos fate? Mac wished Banquo good luck bc he is trying to kill Banquo.Macbeth also tells Banquo not to miss the feast but he also knows that he will kill him before that.