Macbeth acts 2 and 3

Describe the atmosphere in scene i and the elements that contribute to it. It is midnight, the bewitching hour and Banquo speaks of cursed thoughts and not being able to sleep.
Explain the significance of the topics of Banquo’s conversation with Fleance. It is a reminder of the prophecies and also infers to midnight, the witching hour.
Explain the significance of the dagger in scene i. It is a reflection of Macbeth’s overwhelming guilt of killing Duncan.
In scene ii why is Macbeth still in possession of the murder weapon? He is so distraught over what he has just done that he takes them with him.
Describe the moments that lead up to Duncan’s murder in scene ii. Lady Macbeth gets the chamberlains drunk and then rings the bell to signify that preparation has been done. Macbeth is alone with his thoughts and hallucinates and thinks he sees a dagger indicating that he is still ill at ease about what he is about to do.
what happens to the daggers Lady Macbeth plants them on the chamberlains.
Describe Lady Macbeth’s composure in scene ii. Lady Macbeth tells the reader that Duncan resembled her father as he slept and that she needed alcohol to go through with the deed.
Explain the significance of Macbeth’s entrance after the murder. He is ill composed and not in his right frame of mind. He says he will sleep no more and will forever be haunted by this. He also explains that he cannot pray because he has sinned.
How does Lady Macbeth react? She tells him to “consider it not so deeply” and continue on as normal.
What is the function of the porter in scene iii? What metaphor is being made? He is the comic relief of the play and allows for the entrance of outside forces. The metaphor being made is that Inverness is hell and the porter is the gatekeeper of hell where Beelzebub (the devil) resides.
In scene iii, Lennox tells Macbeth of several strange events that indicate trouble. What are they? He reports that the chamberlains looked distracted as if there was something else going on around them. Also the chimney’s have been unruly and there have been strange screams of death. Some also say the earth did shake. (II iii 60 – 69).
How is attention focused on Macduff? He is the one to find Duncan murdered and report it to the others; he also questions Macbeth about the murder of Duncan and the chamberlains.
Why does Lady Macbeth faint? To take any focus of Macbeth and his lack of composure and people questioning him.
Explain the significance of the unnatural omens during the night. With Duncan’s murder, the natural order of things has been disturbed. “The hawk was by the mousing owl killed” A hawk is not typically killed by a mouse, just as a king, Duncan, is not typically killed so easily by a soldier/thane, Macbeth.
How does Macbeth feel after the murder? Explain He feels ill at ease and guilty for what he has done. His mind is so overrun with guilt that he forgets to leave the daggers
How do Duncan’s sons react when they learn of the murder? Explain. They flee out of fear for their own lives; Donalbain to Ireland and Malcolm to England.
Explain the significance of the old man’s talk in scene iv. He speaks of the “natural order” being disturbed. A falcon (Duncan) is not typically killed by an owl (Macbeth), and sons (Malcolm and Donalbain) do not typically kill their father (Duncan).
What is the significance of Macduff’s comments and actions at the end of the act? He does not support Macbeth and has tension with him. Most importantly, he does not attend Macbeth’s coronation indicating that he does not support Macbeth as king.
Explain Banquo’s suspicions concerning Macbeth. Banquo believes that Macbeth is responsible for Duncan’s murder because he was there when Macbeth received the prophecies and Duncan coincidentally died shortly after.
Macbeth says he fears no one but Banquo. Why does he fear Banquo? He knows that Banquo knows about the prophecies and thinks he may grow suspicious since Duncan is murdered soon after.
Paraphrase the main points raised in Macbeth’s soliloquy in scene i. To be king is meaningless if he must live in fear. He wants to feel safe and at ease or else he does not want to be king.
How does Macbeth arouse the murderers? He questions their manhood and also reminds them that Banquo has not always acted kindly toward them. Banquo has enjoyed success and rewards while their work has gone unnoticed. He convinces them that Banquo is their enemy.
In scene ii, is Lady Macbeth enjoying her new position? Explain. No, she is not enjoying her position. She worries about all the questioning and suspicions and also notices changes in her husband and sees he does not seem relaxed and at ease. She feels they have sacrificed a lot and gotten little in return.
Why does Macbeth keep his attack on Banquo a secret from her? Explain its significance. He does not want her to be involved in such evil deeds. He recognizes that killing Banquo is truly escalating the events and he wants her to be safe and innocent.
Why does Macbeth invoke the night? He needs strength and courage to commit such an evil act as murdering his friend.
How does Banquo react to the attack? He does not seem surprised by the attack and realizes Macbeth is behind it.
What is the significance of Fleance’s escape? Banquo’s prophecy can still be fulfilled and Macbeth must still be fearful.
How does Macbeth delude himself in scene iv? How does this further indicate that he has lost his sense of reality? He thinks he sees Banquo’s ghost. This indicates that he has lost all mental sanity because he is seeing things that are unreal a
Explain the significance of Banquo’s ghost. It is a reminder of the prophecy for Banquo and an indication of Macbeth’s guilt/mental deterioration.
How does Lady Macbeth respond to Macbeth’s outburst? She says Macbeth is ill and growing worse and dismisses the guests. She also tells him to get it together that this is all just his imagination just as the dagger was in Act I.
What is revealed about the conditions in Scotland? It is not in good condition, there have been two murders committed and nobody knows who the murderers are and the sons have fled. Lennox comments on Macbeth’s actions at the feast and how unusual and inappropriate they were.
What is the purpose of Hecate’s interview with the witches? She is upset that the witches acted without her input and demands to be a part of the rest of the plan.
Explain the use of dramatic irony in scene vi. Macbeth is the king of Scotland and should be strong and confident, but he is showing weakness and hallucinating. Lennox and the Lord also say how odd/ironic it is that in both murders that have occurred the sons fled and were blamed.
Why has Macduff gone to England? To get assistance from Malcolm to overthrow Macbeth so that Malcolm can take on his rightful position and restore Scotland to its prosperous state.