Macbeth Act IV

To set the tone Why is hell referenced seven times in the beginning of scene 1?
He doesn’t care about their bad actions, he just wants answers What is significant about Macbeth begging the witches?
An Armed Head What is the first apparition?
A Bloody Child What is the second apparition?
a Child Crowned What is the third apparition?
Beware Macduff What does the first apparition say?
No man naturally born from a women can hurt you What does the second apparition say?
Macbeth will live until Birnam Wood travels to his castle What does the third apparition say?
Will Banquo’s kids become king? What final question does Macbeth have for the witches?
Macduff has fled to England What does Lennox tell Macbeth in scene 1?
He is confident enough to kill anyone without advice, we are seeing a ruthless killer What does Macbeth planning to Kill Macduff’s family indicate?
Kill Macduff’s wife and kids What does Macbeth plan to do at the end of scene 1?
Fear What excuse does Lady Macduff give for her husband fleeing to England?
Cousins How are Ross and Lady Macduff related?
He would rather be off dead What does Lady Macbeth mean she tells her son her father is dead?
During Macbeth’s reign, people are treated like traitors for no reason. Macduff fears it will happen to him. How does Ross justify Macduff’s actions to Lady Macduff?
She is innocent Why doesn’t lady Macduff leave after she has been warned?
No Does Macbeth have a reason to kill Lady Macbeth and her son?