Macbeth Act III Characters

Banquo Macbeth’s best friend who understands that Macbeth has killed the king to be king
Macbeth Main character who is overwhelmed by ambition and guilt; does not trust anyone
Lady Macbeth Wife of Macbeth who “bullied” her husband into murdering the king and is now regretting the deed
Servant Takes all orders from Macbeth and Lady Macbeth but understands that the Macbeths are OC
First Murderer Convinced by Macbeth that Banquo deserves to die because Banquo ruined their lives
Second Murderer Has nothing to lose and hopes that the murder of Banquo will change his life
Third Murderer Surprised the other two murderers at the scene of Banquo’s muder; Macbeth did not trust the other two
Lords Gathered at Forres, Duncan’s old castle, to celebrate Banquo’s success in battle
Lennox King’s servant and messenger
Hecate Leader of the witches who was upset that she was not included in the scheme to upset the kingdom
First Witch Describes the plan to continue to manipulate Macbeth