Macbeth Act III

What questions does Macbeth ask Banquo? “Ride you this afternoon? Is’t far you ride? Goes Fleance with you?” He plans to kill Banquo.
What reason does Macbeth have for killing Banquo? Banquo is doubtful of Macbeth’s innocence.
What does Macbeth mean when he says,”O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife”? His mind is full of troubles, the fact that Banquo and Fleance still live haunts him.
What does Macbeth think when he first realizes that Banquo’s ghost is at the table? He thinks it’s a trick. He is overcome with fear.
How does Lady Macbeth try to save the dinner party when Macbeth freaks out over the ghost? She tells the guests that t happens often and to ignore Macbeth and keep eating.
How does Lady Macbeth insult Macbeth at the banquet? “they’re more like how you would act if you were a woman telling a scary story by the fireside in front of her grandmother. Shame on you!”
What does Macbeth mean when he says,”We are yet but young in deed”? They are not done being ruthless. THey may still have to kill pople in order to fulfill the prophecy.