macbeth act 6

Why does Macbeth call upon the witches? He wants them to tell him everything they know
What is Macbeth’s tone of voice when speaking to the witches? He’s fearful and commanding he wants to know everything
What does the first apparition represent, what is its message, what does it foreshadow, and what is Macbeth’s reaction? Mcduff, he is going to try and kill mcbeth, he tells it thanks and says that’s what he thought was going to happen
What were the second and third apparitions? A bloody child, and then a child with a crown on his head
How does Macbeth’s next request reveal his chief reason for his “saucy doubts and fears?” “Then I don’t need to kill Macduff. I have no reason to fear him. But even so, I’ll make doubly sure. I’ll guarantee my own fate by having you killed, Macduff. That way I can conquer my own fear and sleep easy at night.”
What is the final vision and what comment does Macbeth make? There are 8 kings that appear and the last one is Banquo holding a mirror that has the images on his sons in the mirror. “some are carrying double balls and triple scepters, meaning they’re kings of more than one country! Horrible sight! Now I see it is true, they are Banquo’s descendant”
What information does Lennox bring? 2 men came and brought information that Mcduff fled from England
Why is the murder here planned considered to be the climax of Macbeth’s crimes? Because he said he was going to raid his castle kill his wife and children and whoever else is going to inherit things from him
How does Lady Macduff feel about her husband’s flight to England? Shes angry because he left her his son his title and he began to look suspicious
What warning does a messenger bring to Lady Macduff and does she heed it? Ross tells Lady Macduff that trouble is happening in the kingdom now that Macbeth is king
What were the consequences of L. Macduff’s decision? Her son was killed
What is Macduff’s mission to Malcolm? To go back and kill mcbeth
Is Malcolm assured that Macduff is trustworthy and loyal? How do you know? No, because Mcduff used to be a friend with Mcbeth
Of whom are spoken the words, “He has no children?” mcduff
What do Malcolm and Macduff decide to do? They got to Scotland and kill Lady Mcbeth and his son