Macbeth Act 5

What has Lady Macbeth been doing at night? Sleep walking and talking
What is Lady Macbeth talking about while she is sleep walking? The death of Duncan and Macduff’s family
What is Lady Macbeth doing while she is sleep walking? Pretending to wash her hands
What does the doctor suggest be done for Lady Macbeth? Talk with a priest, because he cannot help her, and remove any annoyance from her (is concerned that she will commit suicide)
Is Donalbain at the battle? No
How do the Thanes describe Macbeth? What do they think of him? He is an insane tyrant, villainous, and murdering
While preparing for battle, what does he do with his armor that is strange? He keeps putting it on and taking it off
How does Macbeth treat his servants? He verbally and physically harms them
What does Malcolm have his soldiers do in Burnam woods? Take down branches to disguise themselves as they approach the castle
What are Macbeth soldier’s doing? Deserting, joining Malcolm
What happens to Lady Macbeth? She commits suicide
How does Macbeth respond to the news about Burnam wood coming to Dunsinane? He is horrified, but determined to face his end fighting
What does Macbeth do to young Siward? Kills him, thus regaining his confidence that none born of woman can harm him
What does Macduff tell Macbeth that frightens him? Macduff was born by c-section, thus was not “born of woman”
Who kills Macbeth? How? Macduff: by cutting off Macbeth’s head
Why does it matter where the wounds of Young Siward were? If they were in the front, then he faced his opponent and died with honor
What does Macduff bring to Malcolm? Macbeth’s head
Based on his speech and his character, what kind of king will Malcolm likely be? A good, kind king