Macbeth Act 5

What is Lady Macbeth’s nightly habit? (scene 1) To read the letter Macbeth wrote her every night, get a candle and try to wash her hands
What is the point of Lady Macbeth’s handwashing? (scene 1) To try to clean her hands of the guilt of killing Duncan and mourn the loss of her old self. She talks to herself and try to remind herself that Banquo is dead.
What does the doctor say about Lady Macbeth’s condition? (scene 1) She needs a priest more than a doctor.
Is Donalbain with Malcom? If so or not, who is? (scene 2) no, but many young men (no beards) and Siward’s son are fighting.
How is Macbeth doing as the army prepares to march against him? (scene 2) fortifying his castle in paranoia; but everyone thinks he is insane
Who is leading the charge against Macbeth? (scene 2) Malcolm, Siward and Macduff
Is Macbeth afraid of Malcom and his army? (scene 3) No, because the forest hasn’t come to him, Malcom was born of a woman and even if the thanes leave him, he will not feel fear. He tells his soldiers to buck up
Is Macbeth eager for battle? (scene 4) Yes, he wants to put his armor on early
How does Macbeth respond to the doctor telling him about Lady Macbeth? (scene 4) Tell him to give her a drug,
“I have almost forgot the taste of fears.The time has been my senses would have cooledTo hear a night-shriek, and my fell of hairWould at a dismal treatise rouse and stirAs life were in ‘t. I have supped full with horrors.Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughtsCannot once start me.” (scene 5) Macbeth is saying that now he’s fallen so much from grace, fear does not effect him anymore.
How does Macbeth respond to Lady Macbeth’s death? (scene 5) He says it would have been better if she had died at a different time and that life is meaningless without her.
Why is the forest moving? (scene 5) the soldiers are using it as camoflage
How does Macbeth respond to the news of the forest moving? (scene 5) He feels slight fear, but he plans to die like a man
How does Macbeth respond to Siward’s son saying “The devil himself could not pronounce a titleMore hateful to mine ear.”? (scene 8) He says his name is worse than the devil
Why does Macduff beat Macbeth? (scene 8) He was born by a caesrean section
“Why should I commit suicide like one of the ancient Romans? As long as I see enemies of mine alive, I would rather see my sword wound them than me.” (scene 8) Reference to Julius Caesar
Will Macbeth yield? (scene 8) No, he says they (he and Malcom) shall fight to the death
How does Siward feel about his son’s death? (scene 8) He says he died honorably and wants more sons like him
What is Malcom’s first pronouncement as king? (scene 8) That he names everyone the first earls of scotland and they must bring justice to all “cruel ministersOf this dead butcher and his fiendlike queen”
What murder is Lady Macbeth particularly worried of? (scene 1) The thane of Fife’s family (Lady Macduff and her son), because she can relate to them and their death makes her feel responsible
Out Damn Spot out…. (scene 1) the spot is in reference to blood (the former King’s blood). A soldier and afeared refers to Macduff. She says that the more she and Macbeth killed the more suspsious they became. The old man so much blood refered to how his blood is messy and how killing him led to chaos (one murder led to Chaos). This is her taking responsibility.
Reference to “one two” (scene 1) in LM speech “out dam spot…” talks about the murders and the time they were killed (2 AM)
Are the men in scene 2 British? no
Does Macbeth have Hubris in scene 3? Why Yes, because of the witches prediction making him think he is invincible
Doctor & Macbeth conversation (scene 4) Macbeth asks for a drug to make his wife oblivious of her troubles (shows his love and care wanting to make her less troubled).
Scene 5 shows Macbeth’s transcendence: pg. 177 He realizes that he can never atone for what he has done.. repittion of time means time is moving slowly and life is useless.. dusty death is biblical… life is insignifigant, mundane and means nothing. He is extremely sad. He says that it is okay to die now