Macbeth- Act 5

For what are the Doctor and Gentlewoman waiting to see? Lady Macbeth to sleepwalk
Why is Lady Macbeth running her hands? to wash the blood off of her hands
what is she carrying? a taper
What is a taper? a light or a candle
Who is taking notes? the doctor
Who is the “old man” Lady Macbeth refers to in Scene 1? King Duncan
To whom does the thane of Fife had a wife refer to? Lady Macduff being dead
What does the doctor mean by the line “Remove from her the means of all annoyance”? take anything away that could injure her
What three men are leading the English forces? Siward, Malcolm, Macduff
Near what forest are they coming? Birnam woods
Is Donalbain with them? no
What relative of Siward is with them? Siward’s son
Where is Macbeth? he resides in his castle (Dunsinane), some say that he’s crazy
What is Dunsinane? castle, fortress
“Now does he feel his title/Hang loose about him like a giant’s robe/Upon a dwarfish thief” is describing what character? Macbeth
Who speaks the lines in #15? Angus
In what two prophecies is Macbeth trusting? no man of woman born can harm you and the Birnam woods must move to Dunsinane
What does the servant try to report to Macbeth? 10,000 English soldiers are coming
Who is Macbeth’s other servant? Seyton
Macbeth inquires of Lady Macbeth’s condition. What answer does the doctor give him? She’s ill but her mental illness is causing her not to be able to sleep
How is the prophecy of the child crowned with a tree in his hand fulfilled? Malcolm instructs soldiers to pull down a branch from the tree and march towards the castle
Why does Macbeth hear a cry of women in Scene 5? because they found Lady Macbeth dead
What figure of speech does Macbeth use when he says, ‘Life’s but a walking shadow”? metaphor
What does the messenger report to Macbeth in Scene 5? the forest is moving toward the castle
What is a harbinger? forewarning/predictor
What alarums? alarm/warning
To what does Macbeth refer in Scene 7, lines 1-2? comparing his status to the helpless bear in the bear-baiting arena
Who is looking for Macbeth but missed him in Scene 7? Macduff
Whom does Macbeth kill in Scene 7? Young Siward
Why did the bloody baby represent Macduff? Macduff because his mom died before giving birth to him- he is the child that is not of woman born that is going to hurt him
When Macbeth says he won’t fight Macduff, what does Macduff say he will do with Macbeth? He’ll turn him into a sideshow
Is Macbeth killed on stage? no
What does Siward ask of his son when he asks, “Had he his hurts before?” Did he battle notably?
What does Macduff come on the stage carrying? Macbeth’s head
Who is hailed as King of Scotland, and where will he be crowned? Malcolm; Scone
What were the first two proclamations made by this king? all thanes will get a promotion and come home if you fled