Macbeth Act 4&5

What is the first apparition and what does it say? An armored head. Beware Macduff.
What is the second apparition and what does it tell Macbeth? Why does Macbeth feel he can ignore the first apparition’s warning? A bloody child. He won’t be harmed by a anyone born of a woman. Macbeth thinks Macduff was born of a woman.
What is the third apparition? What does it tell Macbeth? Why does Macbeth feel he can dismiss this apparition as well? Crowned child. Macbeth won’t be defeated until Birnam Wood meets Dunsinane Hill. He thinks that it is impossible.
What final question does Macbeth have for the witches? What do the witches show him? Will Banquo’s sons rule the kingdom. The witches show him 8 kings followed by the ghost of Banquo.
What is ironic about Macbeth’s line “Infected be the air whereon they ride, and damned all those that trust them”? It is ironic because he is trusting them.
To where has Macduff fled? What is Macbeth’s solution to this new problem? England. He will kill his wife and children.
What is Macduff’s wife’s reaction to the news that Macduff has left her? She thinks he fled out of fear and abandoned her and their children.
How does Ross justify Macduff’s actions to his wife? He says there is a good reason Macduff left but he can’t talk about it.
What does Lady Macduff tell her son about Macduff? He is dead and a traitor.
What does Macduff’s son say about Lady Macduff? She would be weeping if he was dead or he will have another father soon.
Why doesn’t Lady Macduff leave after she has been warned? She is innocent.
Why doesn’t Malcolm initially trust Macduff? He thinks Macduff is scheming with Macbeth.
What do Malcolm and Macduff now call Macbeth? What do they think about how Macbeth has been running the country? A tyrant. They are ashamed to call Scotland their home.
How does Malcolm “test” Macduff’s allegiance? He acts like he will be a tyrant and run the country to the ground like Macbeth.
What kinds of things does Malcolm say he would do as king? List two. He says he will take advantage of all the women to fulfill his lust and steal the landowner’s money.
Who has Malcolm joined forces with? What have they already done to go against Macbeth? King of England. 10,000 soldiers.
Describe what Edward the Confessor, King of England, has done for his people, according to Malcolm. He preforms miracles to heal his people.
What news does Ross bring Macduff? What is Macduff’s immediate reaction? What does he then realize? His wife and children were killed. He realizes that it is all his fault.
What does Macduff vow to do at the end of scene 4? Get revenge on Macbeth.
Why is a doctor visiting the Macbeth household? Lady Macbeth has been sleep walking.
What strange behavior has Lady Macbeth been exhibiting? What does she say? Washing her hands of blood and saying “out damned spot”.
What does the Doctor say Lady Macbeth needs? What does he tell Lady Macbeth’s gentlewoman to do for her? A preist. Take anything away that Lady Macbeth can hurt herself with.
Who has gathered to fight Macbeth? Where have they planned to meet? Caithness, Menteith, Angus, Ross, and Lennox. Birnam Wood.
What has Macbeth does in response to the insurgence? He prepared for war.
What is Macbeth thinking about at the beginning of scene 3? How does he try to convince himself that he should not be afraid? The apparitions. He thinks Macduff can’t harm him and Birnam Wood can’t move.
What does the servant report to Macbeth? 10,000 men are approaching.
What does Macbeth want Seyton to do for him? Put on his armor.
What does Macbeth tell the Doctor to do for Lady Macbeth? What is the Doctor’s reaction to Macbeth’s request? Cure her. She has an illness she can only cure herself.
What orders does Malcolm give at Birnam? Why is this important? Cut off branches and hide themselves. They will mislead Macbeth in how many soldiers they have and the 3rd apparition will come true.
What is Macbeth’s reaction to the news of his wife’s death? It doesn’t bother him that much.
“Out, out brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” What does this quote mean and what does it reveal about Macbeth’s feelings about life and death? Macbeth feels that life is meaningless at this point.
What news does the messenger bring to Macbeth? Why is this news unsettling to him? Birnam Wood is coming to Dunsinane. The apparition is coming true.
Who does Macbeth kill and why does Macbeth feel he is now safe? Young Siward. It is one less threat.
Who shows up looking for Macbeth? Macduff.
Why does Macbeth hesitate to kill Macduff? He thinks Macduff won’t be able to harm him.
What do we learn about Macduff? He wasn’t born of a woman.
How does Macbeth regain some sense of manhood in his last moments of life? He fights until his death.
What news does Ross break to Old Siward? His son was killed by Macbeth.
What trophy does Macduff bring to the people of Scottland? Macbeth’s head.
Who becomes King? Why is this ending surprising, considering the witches’ predictions? Malcolm. They said Banquo’s kids would be king.
Motif: Blood. Bloody soldier, blood on dagger, blood on hands.
Motif: Sleep. Duncan’s “sleep”, Macbeth’s nightmares, “Macbeth does murder sleep”.
Motif: Reversal of Nature. Macbeth’s murder of Duncan and Banquo, “unsex me here” -Lady Macbeth, accusation of Malcolm and Donalbain murdering their father. Nature is striking back at Macbeth.
Motif: Visions/Hallucinations/ Supernatural Elements. Macbeth speaks to witches, he sees a floating dagger, he sees Banquo’s ghost.
Motif: Darkness and Night. “Let not light see my black and deepest desires.” -Macbeth, “Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark to cry “Hold, hold!” -Lady Macbeth, “By th’ clock ’tis day, and yet dark night strangles the travelling lamp.” -Ross.