Macbeth Act 4 Questions & Notes

What is the couplet repeated by the witches in their chant? How does this affect the mood of the scene? “Double, double toil and trouble, / Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”This affects the mood because it makes it almost sinister.
The second witch says, “By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.” Who comes? Macbeth comes when the second witch says that.
What is Macbeth’s attitude towards the witches this time? Macbeth’s attitude is VERY demanding towards the witches this time. He seems extremely urgent and desperate.
What is the first apparition and what does it indicate? The first apparition is an armed head and it knows people’s thoughts. It indicates that Macduff is going to kill Macbeth.
What is the second apparition and what does it predict/imply? The second apparition is a bloody child and it implies that Macbeth cannot be killed by any mortal man. Shakespeare writes, “The pow’r of man, for none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth.”
What is the third apparition and what is the impossibility it pictures for Macbeth? The third apparition is a child crowned with a tree in it’s hand. It is possibly symbolizing one of Banquo’s children. It also pictures for Macbeth that he will not be killed until a forest moved.
What is the fourth apparition that the witches do not want to show Macbeth and what is the implication of this appearance? The fourth apparition is the eight kings, which shows how Banquo’s kids will be king. He does not have it all set out to be king without any problems.
How do these apparitions build up Macbeth;s feelings of security? The apparitions build up Macbeth’s feelings of security bc they tell him that he does not have to worry about Macbeth, he cannot be killed by anybody, and he will still live until a forest is moved.
What is Macbeth’s plan for revenging Macduff’s disloyalty? Macbeth’s plan is to kill Macduff’s entire family in Fife for his disloyalty of going to England.
Macbeth says (about the witches), “Infected be the air whereon they ride, And damned all those that trust them!” (line 157) What is Macbeth , in effect, saying about himself? Macbeth is saying that anybody who trusts them is damned, so he is now cursed, essentially, for engaging with them. He is all suggesting that he is sick himself, or acknowledging his deteriorating mental state.
How does Lady Macduff feel about her husband? Lady Macduff feels that her husband deserted them, that he did not care about their safety.
Where is Macduff? (Scene II) Macduff is in England, meeting with Malcom.
Why does Lady Macduff’s son say liars and swearers are fools? Lady Macduff’s son says that liars and swearers are fools because they show to beat the honest men and hang up them.
Why does Macbeth have Macduff’s family and servants killed? Macbeth has Macduff’s family and servants killed to get Macduff to come back from England.
Malcom is testing Macduff’s motives and loyalty. What are Malom’s 3 arguments against his dethroning Macbeth and putting himself on the throne? 1) Lust: meaning he would threaten the women.2) Greed: meaning he would take money.3) Power: Which Malcom would use to “uproar the universal peace.”
What does Macduff say which finally sways Malcom to joining Macduff in fighting Macbeth? Why are these words significant? Macduff says that Malcom was his last hope for killing Macbeth.
Malcom says, :Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell. Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace, Yet grace must still look so.” What does this mean? When Malcom says this, he is refeering to Macbeth, and says that Macbeth was good at first and now he is turning foul, and things are rapidly going downhill for both him and Scotland alike.
Macduff says, “Oh, Scotland, Scotland!” Why? Macduff says this because his is overwhelmed by the state of it, and doesn’t know who, or if, anyone is worthy of ruling it. (This was also when Malcom was still testing him)
The doctor enters to inform the men that King Edward of England is “touching” sufferers in order to help make them well. How does this report of the goodness of the King of England contrast with the nature of the King of Scotland? King Edward, the King of England, is a direct contrast to Macbeth, the King of Scotland, bc he is healing people while Macbeth is killing people.
When news does Ross bring Macduff? Ross informs Macduff that Scotland is deteriorating so fast that, “It cannot / Be called our mother, but our grave”
Malcolm incites Macduff to seek revence on Macbeth for this evil deed. However Macduff responds with what? Macduff responds by expressing his grief and guild for leaving.
What does Lady Macduff mean when she says, “fathered he is, and yet he’s fatherless”? It’s like Lady Macduff is a single mother
What does Lady Macduff say about what Macduff is to her? Lady Macduff says that Macduff is dead to her.
Where does Act IV, Scene III take place? Act IV, Scene III takes place in England.
How was Malcom comparing himself to Macbeth? Malcom was saying that he had vises, just alike Macbeth and was testing Macduff by musing over how much better he could possibly rule over Scotland. Malcom was putting on that he did not have much confidence in how much better he could rule Scotland.
What was Malcom’s first vise? How does Macduff respond to this? Malcom’s first vise was lust and Macduff responds bu saying that there would be many willing women for him to have.
What is Malcom’s second vise? How does Macduff respond? Malcom;’s second vise is greed and Macduff thinks that this vise is worse than the first.
What does Ross say to Macduff about his family at first? Ross tells Macduff that his family is all well but then tells him later that they have been savagely slaughtered.
What is Malcom going to do at the end of Act IV, Scene III? Malcom is going to Scotland and he is going to bring Siward with him.