Macbeth Act 4 Questions

What are the witches doing at the beginning of Act IV? making poison and potion in cauldron
What are some things that the witches put in the cauldron? toad, swamp snake, newt’s eye, frog’s tongue, bat fur
What phase do the witches repeat? “Doble, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble”
What is the purpose of the cauldron? to cause trouble and broth of hell
What is Hecate’s response to the potion? pleased with efforts
How do they finish off the potions? baboon blood
How do they know Macbeth is coming? Second witch feels something wicked
How does Macbeth address the witches? old hags
What is the Macbeth’s purpose for seeing the witches? has questions to have answered
What do the witches do to answer Macbeth’s questions? call on apparitions
What are the three apparitions? 1. armed head 2. bloody child 3. child crowned with tree in hand
What does the first apparition say? Beware of Macduff and Thane of Fife
What does the second apparition say? be violent, bold, firm; laugh at others in power; no one born of a women will hurt him
What does the third apparition say? brave like lion and proud; don’t worry about who hates you; will be defeated by Birnan Wood ay Dunshine Hill
What does Macbeth get from the first apparition? no need to fear Macduff but wants to make sure anyway by killing him
What does Macbeth was to kill Macduff anyway? guarantee his fate so can sleep easy
How Macbeth overall feel about the apparitions? good and not going to happen; be king for natural life
What is the final question that Macbeth asks? Will Banquo’s sons be king?
How does the witches respond to Macbeth’s question about Banquo? refuse to tell
What does Macbeth after the witches refuse to tell him about Banquo? curse him
What happens after the witches refuse to tell Macbeth about Banquo? ghost of Banquo comes followed by eight kings
What do the eight kings in Scene I symbolize? the heirs of Banquo
What do the mirror the eight kings hold in Scene I symbolize? the various countries that they will be king
What news does Lennox deliver in Scene I? Macduff is in England
What does Macbeth say is hurting his plans? time
What does Macbeth plan to do from now on at the end of Scene I? heart to hand, act immediately
What does Macbeth plan to do to execute his heart to hand mentality? kill Macduff’s family, castle, anyone else
Where does Scene II take place? Macduff’s castle
Who comforts Lady Macduff in Scene II? Ross
Why is Lady Macduff worried in Scene II? wonders why Macduff has left
Why is Lady Macduff mad at Macduff? for fleeing and looking like a traitor
What is the language of contradictory? 1. second apparition (no man born of women will harm him) 2.children have father but is fatherless 3. son will be fine to live on what he has 4. Malcolm acting impure to see Macbeth’s true intentions
Definitions of manliness. hide emotions,
What does Lady Macduff question in Scene II? if Macduff actually loves them
Provide bird imagery. 1. Lady Macduff talks about how a fragile bird will fight an owl for his nest
What does Ross say MacDuff is doing? that saying country
Why does Lady Macduff tell her son that his dad is dead? fighting a worthless battle
What does the son say he will do if his dad is dead? live on what he has
Why does Lady Macduff say Macduff is a traitor? made a promise and broke it
Who comes to warn about the murderer in Scene II? messenger
What happens at the end of Scene II? murderer kills Macduff’s family
How does Macbeth’s previous murders compare to his murders now? more malicious, killing innocent people
Where does Scene III take place? England before the King;s palace
What is Malcolm’s state at the start of Scene II? wants to cry about the horrible state of Scotland
Examples of architectural banishment. 1. Malcolm describing the horrible state of Scotland 2. Macduff complains that there is no hope for Scotland 3. Ross explaining the conditions of Scotland in Scene III
What does Macduff want to in response to their homeland? fight and defend
What does Malcolm worry about in Scene III? if he is the next target of Macduff
How does Malcolm describe himself in Scene III? as being more evil than Macbeth
What does Malcolm worry about with Macduff fighting? not have enough
Explain nature imagery. 1. Malcolm is infinite evil to sweet lamb of Macbeth
What three things does Malcolm say he is? 1. lustful 2. greedy 3. no trace of king qualities
Why does Macduff say there is no hope for Scotland in Scene III? because a son of a holy mother and righteous king cannot rule
What proved Macduff’s integrity? his passionate outburst
What does Malcolm think of Macduff after his outburst? trustworthy and honorable
How is Malcolm speak language of contradictory? takes back all of the things he says were flaws
Why is Macduff confused in Scene III? because Malcolm takes back what he said about his flaws
What does King Edward have the power to do? 1. heal evils 2. prophecy
Why are many people waiting for King Edward in Scene III? he has the healing power to cure evils
How does Ross describe the conditions in Scotland? sorrow is common, funerals often, widows, orphans
What does Macduff ask Ross in Scene III? how is his family
How does Ross respond to Macduff when he asks about his family? fine
What rumors does Ross has heard? army forming to fight against Macbeth with thousand
Who is being sent to fight? Siward
How does Macduff respond after hearing about his family? shocked and repeats
How does Malcolm’s responds different from Macduff’s about his family? Malcolm says to fight like a man, Macduff is more realistic
What does Ross want Macduff to do? inspire the people
How does Malcolm view a man? hide emotions
What is the final decision at end of Scene III? attack and get back at MB