Macbeth Act 4

Scene 1 Summary Macbeth approaches the witchesSummon 3 apparitions armed head, bloody child, crowned childTell him to beware Macduff, reassure no one can harm him and that he won’t be overthrownWitches show him a line of kings in the image of BanquoMacbeth discovers Macduff has fled and decides to kill his family
Scene 2 Summary Ross visits Lady MacduffTries to justify Macduff’s flightMessenger warns Lady Macduff to fleeMacbeth’s men kill her and her son
Scene 3 Summary Macduff urges Malcolm to attack MacbethMalcolm tests Macduff and reveals his loyaltyKing of England provides a commander and troopsRoss arrives with news of the slaughterMacduff converts grief into desire for revenge
Apparition false vision, supernatural
Helmeted Head says the exact thing Macbeth is afraid of
Why does Macbeth have reason to be weary of Macduff? He wasn’t at the feast
Bloody Child No one can harm you
How does Macbeth respond to the Bloody Child? I have nothing to be afraid of, but I will order Macduff’s murder just in case
Crowned Child You will never be vanquished
Macbeth’s response to the Crowned Child is foreshadowed by what scene? The discussion between Hecate and the witches
Why is Ross’ description of Macduff significant? The words he used (wise, honorable) could be used to describe Macbeth as beginning of play
Why is Lady Macduff’s explanation of evil and good in the world significant? It parallels earlier lines and themes of moral ambiguity and dualityfair is foul and foul is fairnothing is but what is not
How is Malcolm like Banquo? Both were cautious and wise when dealing with suspicion
How is the English King a foil to Macbeth? Macbeth wreaks havoc to his nation, causing deathKing of England has the power of healing
How does Macduff respond to the news? He says he must first feel it like a man, letting out his emotions, before he can act like a man and seek vengeance
Which motif is prevalent throughout act 4 scene 2? How does this motif help characterize different individuals? Bird qualities of birds help reader understand character
Who reassures Lady Macduff that her husband probably has good reason to leave Scotland? Ross
When Lady Macduff is warned of approaching danger, she makes a wise observation about the world. She feels she has done no evil, however, the world encourages good while believing good to be foolish, she should not try to act innocent
Who are the two principle characters in Act IV scene iii Malcolm and Macduff
Malcolm tells Macduff, “It is myself I mean, in whom I know all the particulars of vice so grafted that, when they shall be opened, black Macbeth will seem as pure as snow, and the poor state esteem him as a lamb, being compared with my confineless harms” (61-6). Malcolm compared to Macbeth would make the public view Macbeth as innocent
Malcolm goes on to name his own evil desires and his other negative traits. He explains, “Had I power, I should pour the sweet milk of concord into hell, uproar the universal peace, confound all unity on earth” (113-6). Motifs? If I were king I would destroy order and peacemilk=femininity/innocence
What was Malcolm’s purpose in lying to Macduff? What is the result? testing Macduff’s loyalty to Scotlandproved him to be honest trustworthy
Who arrives to break terrible news to Macduff? What is this news? How does Macduff respond? Rosswife, children, servant murderedshocked
When Malcolm urges Macduff to “dispute it like a man” (259), what is Macduff’s response? How does this comment relate to masculinity and natural order? What does he imply a man should do? before he acts he must feelhow a horrible thing could happen w/o heaven helpingtakes the blame, cries