Macbeth Act 4

List the 3 apparitions and the warning each of gives. 1.armed head: beware macduff2.bloody child: no man born from woman should harm macbeth 3.child wearing a crown and holding a tree in his hand: great birnam wood comes to fight you at Dunsinane hill
How does Macbeth interpret the prophecies? he is thrilled
After the apparitions what do they show macbeth and why is the mirror important? a line of 8 kings thel ast one holding a mirror followed by banquo, the mirror shows many more kings, this angers macbeth because banquo is dead and his descendants should not be king
Who awares macbeth about where macduff is and what does he plan to do to strike back? lennox, macbeth is going to send the murders to macduffs castle fife and send a surprise attack and kill his family
How does Lady Macduff describe her husband and why, also what does the son use to compare their relationship? she calls him a traitor for fleeing the country and abandoning her and his family, even though ross told her that he might have a reason for it, a bird
Are Lady Macbeth and Lady Macduff character foils, and if so why? lady macduff is innocent and lady macbeth is evil
Why is it ironic that Lady Macduff and her son are joking about her finding a new husband? they will be dead soon so she wouldn’t need to find a husband anyway
Detail what happened during the attack and why was it important to show us the attack? the murderers came in and called Macduff a traitor and when the son called them villians they stabbed him and when lady macduff ran away they followed her and killed her and their servants, this helps shape our opinion of macbeth and that he is pure evil
What is different about this macduff family murder besides macbeths other crimes before? all of the other murders happened at his castle so macduff thought his family would be safe at fife
Why does Malcolm test Macduff and how does he do it? he says he would make the worst king because he cant contol his lust, is greedy, and would end all peace, he does it to see if macduff would give his honest opinion and will always tell him the truth, and macduff passed
How is the King in England portrayed and why did Shakespeare want him portrayed this way? he is a healer graced by god, to show the difference between a good king and macbeth
What is Ross’s purpose throughout the play and what news does he tell macduff and why is it verbally ironic? messenger, what happened to his wife and children, its ironic because when macduff asked ross about his family he said they were well to avoid telling him the news before he eventually told him
What does Malcolm suggest to Macduff to help them defeat Macbeth? use your grief for good
What did Malcolm mean by saying that Macbeth is ripe for taking? its the perfect time to defeat macbeth and this foreshadows that macbeth will die
How are Banquo, Macduff, and Malcolm character foils with Macbeth they want to fight to save their country while macbeth wants to fight to save himself
How is the idea “fair is foul, and foul is fair” confirmed in Act 4? killing macbeth will end scotland’s suffering