Macbeth Act 3 Vocabulary

Posterity Future generations; descendants (n)
Verity/ verities (N) A truth
Oracle (N) a medium to a god; Godly announcement
Sennet Trumpet entrance
Indissoluble Everlasting; can’t be destroyed
Parricide Murder of a parent or parental figure
Adieu Goodbye
Sirrah Address a man or boy of lower status; contemptuous term
Dauntless Unflinching
Rebuke To scold
Scepter Highly decorated staff or rod
Rancor An Ill-will or bitterness
Probation Trial period
Cur An aggressive dog, a contemptible man
Grapple To wrestle literally or figuratively
Vile Morally wicked, atrocious, disgusting, heinous, reprehensible
Buffet A punch; to batter
Incensed Livid, enraged
Avouch To affirm or assert,
Sundry Assorted, of various kinds, miscellaneous, diverse
Botch/ botches Error, to mismanage
Anon Soon, shortly
Abide To dwell; to tolerate; to comply
Naught Nothing, of no point or purpose
Malice Evil, rancor, spite, malevolence
Jovial Jolly, genial,
Eminence Fame; VIP; elevation
Vizard A mask or disguise
Jocund Cheerful
Cloister A monastery, the monastic life
Peal Ringing of a bell
Drowse To dose, nap
Rouse To awaken, startle, provoke
Apace Swiftly, briskly
Mingle To socialize, mix, blend
Mirth Merriment
Nonpareil Peerless, incomparable
Gory Bloody, macabre
Appall To horrify, disgust, sicken
Kite A large bird of prey
Purge The removal of that which is unwanted
Weal A red mark left from a blow
Avaunt Be gone!
Blanch To pale from shock
Augur To predict, one who observes
Pious Devoutly religious
Malevolence Malice ill will
Homage Adulation, tribute, panegyric
Pine To yearn for, languish
Rue Bitterly regret